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Becoming a Dad – Painful Lesson Learned

July 1, 2009

I was told by a great many people that my last post on Becoming a Dad was very sweet. That was the overall reaction.  But to be fair, I’d like to give a full summation of both extremes in terms of reactions before I share another anecdote with you guys.

Most of the women, especially the more experienced ones (I won’t say “older” for fear of revenge), remarked that it was good for me that I was “finally getting it” when they talked about my desire to be home with mother-to-be. In fact, many close friends told me they were very proud of the fact that I’ve not only embraced this pregnancy with open-arms but also seem to be growing into the role of eventual father.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the spectrum, calls came flooding in from the DNC Ninja support team (mainly Steve aka “Lightweight”) to rescue me from estrogen before my man-card was lost into the torrential abyss for all of eternity.

For those of you that don’t know, the DNC, on whose website this series is housed, was founded on two basic tenets: 1) personal accountability and 2) balance between professional goals and enjoyment of life aka partying. So my friends like Steve know a thing or two about being trying to maintain equilibrium in life. Well last Saturday, I was reminded of how far I still have to go in terms of mastering that balance.

The DNC crew was celebrating for two ninjas this past weekend in Rice Village. For our Houston crew, Jino, our little prodigical son, had his going-away prior to leaving for grad school at Johns Hopkins. Meanwhile, our ninjas in Baytown were also in the village bar-area to celebrate Julian’s birthday.

So there you have it,  a convergence of about twenty people, a roving band of ninjas, if you will, on a “boys night out” and hell bent on getting obliterated. Keep in mind we had none of the wives or girlfriends around to police us except for poor Katie, who tried her hardest. So what the heck happened? Well I won’t get into the details… (this  is a family-friendly site after all) but let me tell you, whatever you are thinking, the evening ended up 100x crazier than most of you responsible adults would expect. I didn’t fare the worst out of all the ninjas but I definitely made a total a$$ out of myself by the time it was all said and done. We were all hurting the next day. I still am. And its the Wednesday after.

My point to this story that I learned the hard way – Mother-to-be wasn’t the type of partner to make me stay home. Again, she encouraged me to go out with the boys. This time, I absolutely did. Balls-to-the-wall, you might say! I didn’t expect the price I ultimately had to pay and I paid it dearly the next day and beyond. Mentally, physically, emotionally, the whole nine yards. And while Megan wasn’t the type to make me stay home, she also impressed upon me that she is the type to let me hang myself without any sympathy from her. Basically, as I whimpered around the house limping in pain and wrecked mentally, all I got was snickering and I-told-you-so’s. I’m never drinking again. (for the 10,000th time but I had to throw that in there.)

I guess this might be a little glimpse into the future of raising a child with rebellious genese like his/her parents. I mean, I acted like a child myself and paid for it dearly. So I learned my own lesson. And the lesson was even more effective than any “nagging” from mother-to-be could possibly have done. I wonder, is that how it truly is? Do you have to let them fall so they learn to pick themselves up or not fall the same way again?

Just a thought…


PS –  We find out the sex of the baby next Tuesday. I am so #&$*% nervous.

This Weekend: DNC Summer Kickoff Vacation

May 6, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, the DNC Summer Kickoff Vacation is here! Our select group of almost thirty ninjas and slippers will be making our way to the city of Canyon Lake’s Hideout on the Horseshoe this coming Friday afternoon for a relaxing weekend at this premium Texas hill country retreat.  

The main activity for the weekend will no doubt be floating the river, which is a Texas tradition that includes endless amounts of beer during two to four hours going with the current on the Guadalupe. Additional activities are rumored to include “Edward 40-Hands” and a river-side grappling challenge versus any Texas State frat boys brave enough to step up to the plate against the ninjas.

Note: If you live in the Austin / San Antonio area and are a friend or family to any of the attendees, you are more than welcome to stop by and have a beer with us. We’re excited to see you! Cheers!

DNC Scary and Sexy Costume Party Tonight!

October 23, 2008

On Friday, October 25th, the DNC will be hosting our annual Scary and Sexy Costume Party in the Westchase District of Houston, TX.
Festivities start at 9pm.


  • LIVE musical performance by the Funky Ninja Trio, who will be debuting a funkadelic set of acoustics influenced by artists such as the James Brown, Ben Harper, etc.
  • Costume Contest with consideration and cash prizes (maybe) for 1) Most Original 2) Funniest 3) Sexiest. Can you guess which category gets the biggest prize? Find out at midnight. Deadline to enter is 11pm.
  • Complimentary premium spirits provided in Bullet’s Lounge. Salsa dancing lessons complimentary of expert instructor, “Ninja Rangel.”
  • Refreshments provided include beer, vodka, rum, and jello shots. Additional refreshments and mixers requested and happily accepted.
  • Light Hour’derves only. No meals provided.

Past DNC Halloweens

For more information, questions, or direction requests, email us here.

This Saturday – UFC 87 Party and Beer Olympics

August 8, 2008

Alright you dirty ninjas it’s that time again!

On August 9th, the DNC will be showing UFC 87 at the house the DNC built. Also, In honor of the start of the Olympics, we will be hosting a DNC-Style Beer Olympics.

Events at the DNC Olympic Games will include Beer Pong, Flip Cup Obstacle Course, Speed Quarters, Chandeliers, and of course… the always delicious shotgun chug.  Teams will consist of two players, tournament style so please have a team concept and dress up accordingly.  Winning team takes home a brand new bottle of our finest liquor (Grey Goose, 42 below, etc).

You know how to contact us if you’re in… unless you’re chicken shit, then I’ll see your brokeback ass at the gym!

  • In order to protect the integrity of the competition there will be random drug testing throughout the evening for inebriation.
  • Absolutely NO drunk driving will be condoned. Bring a designated driver or a blanket for the walk-in closet. Either way, safety first!
Where athleticism doesn't matter!

Where athleticism doesn't matter!

DNC Halloween Celebration 2007

July 17, 2008

You wanna know how I felt Halloween Saturday? Go download “It’s Business Time” by Flight of the Concords. LOL. I had the most fun time I’ve had in awhile wildin’ out at Crome with everyone in their fun costumes. For real. Go check it out.

 Halloween night was an invigorating experience. Every time the founders of the DNC, Hyper and I, get into anything, its like spontaneous combustion. We just go out and kill it. Last night was no different. We wrecked shop at Sam’s Boat on Richmond. From the DNC Double-Down of bullblasters upon our entrance, the night kept getting crazier and crazier. I’m sure coming in nothing but silk boxers, top hat, and trench coat fueled that a little for me personally, but everyone had a good time! Heck, Chad even made it into the finals of the costume contest.And the most hilarious thing that happened on Halloween night (not pictures) didn’t even happen until after we got home. My brother, Vincent, and I, invariably because of our rather loose consumption of alcoholic beverages, ended up grubbin’ down in the kitchen. That part isn’t unusual. But when my brother started shaking his ass, which he affectionately referred to as his “machine gun bubble butt,” Vince and I started laughing so hard that we were crying for literally 20 minutes. That was hilarious! Ahhh… good times! Anyways, here are some pictures…