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DNC River Trip Recap – The Photo Collection

May 11, 2009
DNC River Trip May’09 (Photos by: Kim & Omar)
DNC River Trip May’09 (Photos by: Ricardo)

This past weekend, the  DNC summer kicked off with a bang as we indulged in our first vacation of the summer season, a river float and resort getaway at Hideout on the Horshoe in Canyon Lake, TX. 

Good drink, good eats, and good times had by all from May 8-10. , 2009! Comprehensive picture diary in our Picassa albums, linked above!

This Weekend: DNC Summer Kickoff Vacation

May 6, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, the DNC Summer Kickoff Vacation is here! Our select group of almost thirty ninjas and slippers will be making our way to the city of Canyon Lake’s Hideout on the Horseshoe this coming Friday afternoon for a relaxing weekend at this premium Texas hill country retreat.  

The main activity for the weekend will no doubt be floating the river, which is a Texas tradition that includes endless amounts of beer during two to four hours going with the current on the Guadalupe. Additional activities are rumored to include “Edward 40-Hands” and a river-side grappling challenge versus any Texas State frat boys brave enough to step up to the plate against the ninjas.

Note: If you live in the Austin / San Antonio area and are a friend or family to any of the attendees, you are more than welcome to stop by and have a beer with us. We’re excited to see you! Cheers!