Welcome to DNC Worldwide


About DNC Worldwide 

DNC Worldwide is a networking group dedicated to building a brighter future through meaningful connections. We are made up of motivated, energetic professionals who aspire to be leaders within our respective professions AND communities.

Our network offers its members a way to link their professional ambitions with their personal passions. We promote personal fulfillment on a social level while giving the career and business-minded an opportunity to step ahead through leveraged relationships and individual growth opportunities. 

We encourage our members to get involved and make a difference by becoming active participants in the professional, civic, and social aspects of their personal networks. 


Our History 

DNC Worldwide was brought into existence in July of 2005. Our mission was simple.  To bring together an inspiring collection of good people – successful professionals who aspire to a life full of possibilities both inside & outside the workplace.

To put it bluntly, we wanted to bring together individuals who kick butt at their day-jobs, like to have as much fun as they can outside the workplace, and desire an avenue to pay goodwill forward by doing good in the world at-large whenever possible. 

Since our inception, the DNC Worldwide network has grown from a small group in Houston, TX to expand to many cities nationwide, and globally as well. And we’re always looking for more aspiring and like-minded individuals who share in our zeal for achievement in life.

Our Core Principles 

  • We must act on the principle that life doesn’t happen by itself. Just being alive does not equal truly living. As individuals, we should live with purposeful intent to achieve our goals  the right way, though hard work and dedication. Only then can we be certain that we take on life’s challenges on our own terms.
  • Excellent relationships make the world go around. Individually, we all have goals in life. We support each other in achieving them through our talents, connections, and abilities. It just so happens that we have plenty of fun along the way doing so as a like-minded family of good people.
  • Dedicated. Networked. Connected. That is the DNC way.

Why We Sometimes Refer to Ourselves As Ninjas 

In Feudal Japan, the ninja of lore dealt in assassination, espionage, and intelligence gathering. That much is common knowledge. What is often neglected is the fact that by day, ninjas were amongst the most fiercely productive members of society. These guys were the best at their chosen professions yet they yearned to acquire additional knowledge in a broad set of areas such as medicine, surveillance, and combat in order to accomplish the broader goals of their clans. 

DNC Worldwide aims to be the modern-day equivalent of the ninja clan. This mindset has allowed us to establish a broad network of good people – professionals in law, medicine, science, engineering, business, athletics, etc. who share a common bond for achievement. Like the ninjas of days past, our aim is to achieve in our chosen fields then go beyond our limits and do even more. 

Contact Us 

Want to see what all the fuss is about? 

Contact us to network with other professionals in various fields, advance your personal development, cultivate your leadership capabilities, and give back to your community, all while having a great time. 

Rising tides raise all ships!

  • New York City – (646) 658-9490
  • Houston – (832) 423-7895
  • Los Angeles – (818) 925-4DNC
  • Vist our FAQ for more information on DNC Worldwide.