DNC Worldwide & BONA Foundation Event a Success Thanks to YOU!

A BIG thank you from myself and everyone involved regarding the networking mixer + benefit for the BONA Foundation at Mezzanine Lounge this part July 22nd. As a result of our combined efforts we were able to meet and exceed our goals for the event. Special thank you to Keith Scruggs and Rich Armstrong for allowing us to help the BONA Foundation. Also thanks to my fellow organizers Kim Even and David “Foodah” Campbell, for without their dedication and vision, this event would have never been as great at it was.

Here is a letter from Mr. Keith Scruggs, founder of the BONA Foundation regarding the event.

“When great people get together, great things happen.”

“Charity and love combine to create an energy that is contagious.”

DNC and you confirmed the accuracy of both of these statements and for that we thank you.  When taking on the task of beginning and running a non-profit, it is often a test of faith.  Frequently plans are tabled b/c of funding.  Many discussion end with, “great idea, but IDK how we are going to fund it.”  But every time someone steps up and says, “no worries, “He” will make a way.”

We are thankful, moved, and inspired that DNC decided to help make a way for the BONA B.L.A.S.T. After School Wellness Program.   The program will be introduced on 8 campuses  this school year and your support has assisted in making that happen.

DNC’s goal of $5,000 was met and exceeded!  $5905 was raised, and these funds will be used to purchase a portion of the equipment required to assure that each child is safe and equipped to begin a lifetime battle of weight management.

Thanks again for your support, and please join us in future fund raising events:

  • Motor Cycle Run (Sat 04Sep10),
  • Golf Tournament (Mon 24OCT, 2010),
  • Body Transformation Calendar release (OCT, 2010),
  • Fun Run (sat 26Mar11).

Keith Tobias Scruggs

Fighting Childhood Obesity

One Pound at a Time!


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One Comment on “DNC Worldwide & BONA Foundation Event a Success Thanks to YOU!”

  1. Kimberly Even Says:

    I’m so glad the event was a success!! It was well worth all the effort! Hopefully BONA and the DNC can work together in the future!!

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