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DNC Happy Halloween 2009

October 30, 2009

happy-halloweenThe ninjas would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Halloween this 2009!

When your event planner becomes a baby planner, the holiday tends to get a little quiet so I apologize to the ninjas in Houston for the lack of group festivities in 2009. Nonetheless, we wish you all an insane and safe Halloween this year.

See below for massive albums of pictures from our celebrations in years past. Great memories.

  • DNC Halloween Celebration 2008 – album
  • Albany Halloween Celebration 2008 – album
  • DNC Halloween Celebration 2007 – album
  • DNC Halloween Celebration 2006  – album
  • Brazilian Halloween Extravaganza 2006 – album

DNC Albany, New York – Halloween 2008

November 4, 2008

Despite the initial adrenaline rush and excitement of moving to a new city to start a new job and new life, it certainly was an unsettling feeling to know that I would be thrown into a completely new world devoid of anything familiar.  However, it certainly didn’t take long for me to get settled in because of the amazing people I work with.  They naturally live by the DNC code of an all-star professional and fun-loving social life.  Despite the stereotypes of video game companies being nerd farms, Activision’s Vicarious Visions development studio is filled with amazing people.  Here are a few pics from last week’s Halloween festivities.

Leave it to Katie to ruin a great picture!
Mrs. Bukowski, some girl, Camille, Me and Crazy Katie

The amazing thing about artists is that they extend their own respective genius to all aspects of their lives.  Our Art Director made this costume all by himself.  The mask is made of duct tape, paper mache, wire hangers, and sunglass lenses.  I was so impressed by this costume that I took a billion pictures of it!  Also, it had me creeped out and jumping at shadows the whole weekend!

Donnie Darko Rabbit

Donnie Darko Rabbit

And look at this:


Giggy – a Senior Artist – made this entire costume himself as well.  It’s absolutetly wonderful!  He got into character and ran around scaring people in the office!  It was great!

Giggy the Witch Doctor!

Giggy the Witch Doctor!

Here is Katie – a very talented Junior Animator – as Tom Cruise in Risky Business!  All night, she kept on drunk sliding and only busted her ass twice.  Amazing.

These guys are all awesome musicians!  Jason (Jimi Hendrix) is one of our composers.  He’s actually white, but he painted himself black!  Dan DiLallo(Slash) is one of our audio designers.  Dan Wallace (Caesar) is the Producer for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.  And he used to be in a rock band that was more popular than Nirvana before they got discovered.  At one point, his band – Shampain (pronounced the same way as Champagne) –  played in better venues in the Pacific Northwest than Nirvana did!


Who said girls in games aren’t good looking (I consider Bryan as an honorary girl)?!


My boss is a shredding machine.  He is the REAL guitar hero!  He was playing the guitar all drunk too!

Shampain lead guitarist!

Shampain lead guitarist!

Small Snippet of the dance floor!  This is all at my producer’s house too!  Oh man, we were all getting crazy on the dance floor and dancing like complete idiots!



Speaking of silliness… Our HEAD ENGINEER (as in, highest ranking engineer at the Vicarious Visions studio) Aaron cut loose on the dance floor with his girlfriend Angel:


Here they are being normal and not insane dancing machines.  All happy couples make me sick to my stomach, but they really are cute together!


Apparently Wolverine knows how to use nunchucks now!


Last ones standing:


All in all, I think Ive got more than enough to start an Albany Chapter of the Drunken Ninja Clan, but I need some of my senior DNC officers to come up and grant me my charter! *hint* *hint*

I miss everyone in Texas and I think about you guys all the time.

Lots of love, hugs, and kisses,

C. Marissa “Ling Ling the Red Dragon” Wu

DNC Halloween Celebration 2008

October 26, 2008


I hope you all enjoyed the festivities at the DNC Pre-Halloween Party on Friday. I know we did. It was a pleasure hosting everyone that came out.

I created an album with a collection of everyone’s photos. So anybody have any crazy stories?

DNC Scary and Sexy Costume Party Tonight!

October 23, 2008

On Friday, October 25th, the DNC will be hosting our annual Scary and Sexy Costume Party in the Westchase District of Houston, TX.
Festivities start at 9pm.


  • LIVE musical performance by the Funky Ninja Trio, who will be debuting a funkadelic set of acoustics influenced by artists such as the James Brown, Ben Harper, etc.
  • Costume Contest with consideration and cash prizes (maybe) for 1) Most Original 2) Funniest 3) Sexiest. Can you guess which category gets the biggest prize? Find out at midnight. Deadline to enter is 11pm.
  • Complimentary premium spirits provided in Bullet’s Lounge. Salsa dancing lessons complimentary of expert instructor, “Ninja Rangel.”
  • Refreshments provided include beer, vodka, rum, and jello shots. Additional refreshments and mixers requested and happily accepted.
  • Light Hour’derves only. No meals provided.

Past DNC Halloweens

For more information, questions, or direction requests, email us here.

DNC Halloween Celebration 2007

July 17, 2008

You wanna know how I felt Halloween Saturday? Go download “It’s Business Time” by Flight of the Concords. LOL. I had the most fun time I’ve had in awhile wildin’ out at Crome with everyone in their fun costumes. For real. Go check it out.

 Halloween night was an invigorating experience. Every time the founders of the DNC, Hyper and I, get into anything, its like spontaneous combustion. We just go out and kill it. Last night was no different. We wrecked shop at Sam’s Boat on Richmond. From the DNC Double-Down of bullblasters upon our entrance, the night kept getting crazier and crazier. I’m sure coming in nothing but silk boxers, top hat, and trench coat fueled that a little for me personally, but everyone had a good time! Heck, Chad even made it into the finals of the costume contest.And the most hilarious thing that happened on Halloween night (not pictures) didn’t even happen until after we got home. My brother, Vincent, and I, invariably because of our rather loose consumption of alcoholic beverages, ended up grubbin’ down in the kitchen. That part isn’t unusual. But when my brother started shaking his ass, which he affectionately referred to as his “machine gun bubble butt,” Vince and I started laughing so hard that we were crying for literally 20 minutes. That was hilarious! Ahhh… good times! Anyways, here are some pictures…