Question: What is DNC Worldwide all about?

Answer: DNC Worldwide is all about having fun and networking. It’s a way for people of similar and dissimilar interests to connect on an unpretentious level, have some fun, and push each other to achieve their individual goals.


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Question: How do I join DNC Worldwide?

Answer: Email us here. We’ll talk and figure it out. There is only have one caveat to potential inclusion: Only the like-minded will be considered. That means that you must abide by the universal code of conduct in living the right way in terms of morality and intention. We’re pretty good at policing our own. If you’re not in the same frame of mind, we will all discover that very quickly.

Question: What benefits do I get from being a DNC Ninja?

Answer: Free bar tabs? New friendships? A spouse? Job connections? Party invites? Free smoothie? Although all of those have actually happened through DNC Worldwide, who cannot guarantee exactly what it will do for you. This is all about the camaraderie and lifelong relationships born out of networking. With that being said, you can leverage these relationships as you see fit. You’ll never know what you’ll get out of it unless you explore.

Question: What is the purpose of this website?

Answer: The short answer is – there really isn’t one specific purpose. was created to provide our ninjas with a medium to connect, share views, write about passions, and laugh at the expense of one another. That’s about it for now until further notice.

Question: How do I navigate this site?

Answer: It’s easy. Like most other blogcentric sites, you can see the latest content simply by viewing our initial landing page. The latest and greatest stories can be seen on the right-hand tab, along with categories and other neat stuff. You can also browse by keyword as well. It’s that easy. And if you really want to see all content as it comes, subscribe to our RSS feed or Twitter account.

Question: How do I contribute content to this site?

Answer: Simply write us here if you have a topic you want to write about and display to the masses. We always accept guest posts provided that it adheres to our mission (or is at least hiarious or helpful to others). Point is, we’re always open to new ideas.

Question: How do I sponsor or advertise on DNC Worlwide?

Answer: I’ve been asked this question several times already. It’s funny because we never viewed this as a money making venture. Irregardless, should you desire our help in getting the word out about your products/services then simply email us here.

For anything else, Feel free to contact our editor here.

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