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Becoming a Dad – Retrospective

May 20, 2010

For those of you that didn’t know, I chronicled my journey (some may call it a miraculous transformation), from out-of-control, live-by-the-seat-of-my-pants bachelor to becoming a first-time father not too long ago.

By sheer happenstance, I re-read portions of this diary today for the very first time since Nicky was born five months ago. It seems like ages in some ways and others, seems like yesterday! Looking back, I marvel at how I felt and evolved throughout this journey. Relating past expectations to current feelings, I know how I lucky I am to have my son. To use a cliché that probably only other parents truly understand, it was all worth it in the end!

Below, I am re-listing every single journal entry I wrote for Becoming a Dad for my friends who are currently awaiting their first and for any guy who endeavors to become a father themselves someday. Who knows, maybe some mommies out there might enjoy reading these journals as well.

  1.  A Surprise Beginning
  2.  Ninja Dagger Hormones
  3. The First Ultrasound
  4.  Sympathy Emotions
  5.  Running to make It
  6.  Coming Home
  7.  Painful Lesson Learned
  8.  Fireworks & a Birthplace
  9. Find Out the Sex of our Baby
  10. A Chance Meeting
  11. Grandfather’s Revenge
  12.  Nice Little Sundays
  13.  Showing and Growing
  14.  Accidents and Emergencies
  15. Bedtime Habits 
  16. Putting Away Groceries
  17. His and Her Days
  18. Third Trimester Here we Come
  19. Labor Day Getaway
  20. How to Deal with Pregnancy Hormones
  21. Baby Registry Advice
  22. 50 First Days
  23. Baby Shower Pictures
  24. Gratitude
  25. Racing to the Finish Line
  26. Nicholas is Born!
Nicky at 5-months.

The World’s Youngest Grappling Prodigy

May 2, 2010

When it comes to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and combat sports in general, aspiring superstars are beginning to hone their skills by training at a younger age. Provided it does not interfere with their physical development, training early can be a benefit to physical fitness, as well as a means to build confidence and a greater sense of self.

At not even five months of age, my son Nicky Calimbas has begun on the path to becoming the best grappler he can be. Today, he decided to work with his grappling dummy,Snuffaluffagus. (That’s “Gus” for short – named after his Uncle Gustavo Rocha, who gave him his very first gym-related gear!)

Here are several pictures of Nicholas working on the finer points of today’s lesson on the triangle choke and more.

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Video – Nicky Calimbas demonstrating  the “baby triangle Choke” on an unsuspecting Gus-Gus.

To learn more on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Mixed Martial Arts, check out

Becoming a Dad – Our Son Nicholas is Born!

December 6, 2009



See…. I told you guys I’d get it right! Our baby boy, Nicholas Leonardo Calimbas, was born at 7:24am today, December 6th 2009 at TX Women’s Hospital. He was 7 pounds 5 ounces and 20 1/2 inches long at birth with feet and lips like his momma. He arrived after 40 weeks and 5 days …. on St. Nicholas Day!


It was funny how it all started. After passing our due date, we never thought he’d get here! You know… Filipino time and all. We were already hearing whispers of how this one… Michael Angelo… Max Kristoffher, Romulus Maximus Decimus Meridius… whatever his name is… was JUST like his daddy. Always late, comfortably lazy, and not wanting to get up and give up the free food. But just like they said it would happen, he arrived when we least expected it.

At this point, mom-to-be and I had just about given up on the idea that he (baby name TBD) would arrive on his own. Dr. Ramos had set an induction date of Monday and we were just riding out the weekend after our expectations of him arriving Thursday and last Saturday came and passed.

I had come home after watching the Ultimate Fighter Finale at the newly-remodeled Casa De Filipino with the boys. Megan had already gone to bed and I was knee-deep in a COD4 XBOX Live session with Rico, Hai, Drew, and Vinnie when Megan texted me that she thought it was time. I quickly logged off and ran upstairs to find Meg in the middle of a contraction. Not harmless Braxton-Hicks ones like what was the norm… more like your-face-looks-like-somebody-just-stabbed-you real ones! So in my head, I’m like wow… it’s really happening!

At this point, its now 2:30am and the contractions had been going on for 10 minutes. Not really knowing what to do, I coached Megan to cope with the pain by controlling her breathing as I started timing. 5 minutes apart… I have no idea what the heck that means but you look like you’re in pain and that seems a little close together. Time to call the doctor… err… answering service.

Doctor calls back. Contractions now 3 minutes apart. She says wait until its been a full hour then come in. I thank my lucky stars that the to-go basket is packed as Megan and I get dressed in between contractions. Car seat… check. Bags and stuff we needed… check. Car has gas… check.

We arrive at the hospital at about 3:15am or so and at this point, Megan is in pain as she walks down the hallway to get admitted. But we make it and since we filled out the paperwork a few visits ago, admittance is fairly easy and she’s in the room getting an epidural in no time. For those of you that don’t know what that is… it completely takes the pain away. And they like to deliver babies in the morning, after 7am, so the nurses tell us to relax and try to get some rest/sleep.

Yeah right. I finally start dozing off around 6:30 when we find out the baby is ready to get here. I’ll spare the gory details but I assisted in the delivery. I held momma’s leg and cut the cord and everything. He got here in 4 pushes. And he wasn’t purple or yucky or any of the other stuff I expected to see. He was already a healthy pink color, with a full head of black hair and (currently) bluish, greenish eyes like his mama. They didn’t even have to suction his nose/mouth before he started crying. Easiest delivery in 5 months, the nurses said. And I held him immediately after they cleaned him off and put a diaper on him. It turns out he’s not as fragile as I thought he’d be. And loud too! But he stopped crying as soon as I picked him up and I held him while momma got ready.

So yeah. His name is not Michael Angelo or Max or Romulus or any of that. His name is Nicholas. A name we decided on within the last 24 hours. And as I was so aptly told by my loving mother-in-law, wouldn’t you know it… he was born on St. Nicholas Day! Kind of ironic since his is the only stocking over the fireplace without a name on it. But Dad will change that as soon as we get home.

I finally cried my eyes out a little ago while I was holding him in this quiet room. Just Megan, baby, and I. Totally the “you are my son and we’ll tackle this world together” moment. Looking over, I see Megan is finally sound asleep after a full day of feeding and family. Now this dad needs his sleep too. Welcome to the world son.

Becoming a Dad – Racing to the Finish Line!

November 9, 2009

Due Date – December 1st: 3 weeks and 1 day to go.

Don’t let the due date fool you, the day after Thanksgiving is my prediction. I fully expect our baby boy to arrive sooner rather than later!

Mom-to-be and I had our 36-week OB appointment last Friday and saw our son for the first-time since August. Prior to the visit, I had friends tell me that we’d be able to tell what he would look like on this visit. I’d been trying to picture this baby in my head without a clear visual so naturally, I was very, very anxious to see him.

2009-11-06_15.37.33This visit was a mixture of amazement and disappointment. The part I was down on was the lack of a 3-D ultrasound. As you can see by the picture of baby, we didn’t get the full picture of what our son looks like quite yet. I don’t know if he has mommy’s nose or dad’s facial structure, etc. Though I have a sneaking suspicion he’ll have his mother’s lips. And on top of all that, he was frowning!

All in all, mom-to-be are both just really anxious. It’s still funny how the first six months or so of this pregnancy went by so deliberately. …and how this last trimester has seemed to skate by us… yet at the same time, we’re stuck in what feels like an awkward limbo. Not quite resigned to being pregnant anymore, yet not quite parents just yet.

We just want our baby to arrive now!

….But not now, now – if that makes sense. I want my Thanksgiving turkey first.

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PS – Anybody have name ideas for us? Please comment on this blog. We could use the help!

Becoming a Dad: Gratitude

October 25, 2009

Fatherhood is vastly approaching. An estimated 36 days by the official count and about 25 days by prediction.

2009-10-24 18.36.06The past eight months I’ve been blogging about everything that has to do with the ups and downs of becoming a first-time dad, and everything sideways too. From pregnancy hormones and car accidents to hospital visits and baby showers, I feel like I’ve written about almost everything. Now we can all relax. The big day is upon us and soon enough, you all will no longer have to hear all my non-stop ramblings. lol.

As I think beyond the changes I’ve made and how I’ve grown throughout this journey, I’ve come to deeply appreciate the support and love of the friends and family, All of you who have chosen to share in the experience of my becoming a father.

In my last entry, I remarked about feeling overwhelmed at the show of love & generosity our friends put on at our baby shower. In hindsight, I guess I’ve been feeling this way all along… completely amazed at gestures of selflessness thrown our way. Friends, family, teammates, co-workers… You’ve all been there for us and we deeply,deeply appreciate it. I’d name names but there’s just too many of you and admittedly, I don’t want to leave anyone about. But you know who you are.

There’s just no greater feeling in the world than knowing you are loved and cared out. We’ve gotten a lot of gifts but that’s the one we appreciate the most.

Thank you cards and all that are coming but Megan and I plan on repaying your gratitude in the best way we can – through being the best parents we can be this little boy. Guys… seriously… I want you all to know exactly how much Meg and I love this kid but I wouldn’t be able to find the words to do it justice.

One thing’s for sure though – After spending this past weekend washing clothes, putting furniture together,  and generally nesting – I can truly say I am ready and excited for my boy to get here! (and not a moment too soon!

Thanks for reading. Love you guys.

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