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A Guide to Becoming a Good Judge of Character

April 2, 2009

In all walks of life, there are certain universal “tells” that will depict the magnitude of one’s character. Usually, the positive signs are not as overt as the negative ones. Below are a few red flags that should cause you to be wary when judging others.

1. Filthy Living Space – Our homes are where we spend most of our time. If it is filthy, chances are that the person using it is too. The most telling signs are the kitchen and the bathroom. These places should be a haven for hygiene and cleanliness. It says a lot about a person when they don’t have enough consideration to themselves to maintain these places. And if they don’t have enough consideration for themselves, imagine how they are with other people.

2. Lacking Common Courtesy and Etiquette – Some people never take heed to mind their manners. Or perhaps their parents/mentors did not teach them any at a young age and they are continuing the cycle. A few examples include the person on a loud personal phone call on the bus or elevator at 7am, the guy who takes the liberty to put his feet up on your couch even if you don’t, and the person that consistently wears out their welcome everywhere they go. These are habits they carry with them wherever they go.

3. Always Flaunting Name Brands –  A person who sees the need to flaunt their material belongings is probably putting all their eggs in that basket. In my experience, truly respectable people don’t flaunt all that much, or least not so obviously.  Class is more about subtance than style. You shouldn’t buy a 85k luxury car and drive it home to your $300mo. apartment unless you are hiding from the IRS or selling drugs. And you shouldn’t flaunt your $30 Louis Vuitton bag that you bought off the back of a truck in Chinatown if you’re not 100% that it is real. A Patek Phillipe doesn’t stand out any more than a Rolex or a Tagheur. You wouldn’t recognize it unless you could afford it. In all things… “Act like you’ve been there before.”

4. Always Bragging about Every Little Thing – those who constantly seek validation from others are really seeking to validate their own lies or overcompensate for percieved inadequacies of self. Unless they are THAT passionate (you can tell the difference), be wary of those constantly shoving their selfish agendas down your throat. These types are usually full of sh•t.

5. Constantly Borrowing and Never Returning – They say you should always bring more to the table than you take away. This is true in all things and relationships, not just material goods. Most classy people hate being indebted. Those who seek to take away from you but do not give anything in return (even sincere appreciation, which is oftentimes enough) not only do not have your best interests in mind but probably not their own either.

DNC T-Mobile G1 Android Market User Guide

March 24, 2009


Dear G1 Android Phone Users,
I’m a user myself. I bought this phone with the idea that it would be the best phone ever! What I found out was that it doesn’t make itself better on its own. The default applications on the phone were so-so at best.  I understand your frustration so I did some research online.
What I found was two things.
1. The G1 Market offers a wide array of applications available for download to make your phone better.
2. Most of the aforementioned applications are functionally useless and/or poorly designed. And some even want you to charge for them!
With this knowledge in mind and a little effort, I scoured the web for any information that would help me make my beloved phone work the way I originally intended it to. Again, there was a dearth of information. But I persisted to search the market and try out all the promising new applications. And wow, the applications I find by looking daily, sometimes every hour, keep getting better and better!
So I want to share my knowledge with all you users, in the hopes that you can make your phone what you truly wanted as well!


DNC T-Mobile G1 Android Market User Guide


*these reviews are current to date and best of all, the applications mentioned herein are all FREE on the Android Market. Categories in no particular order.

Best Home / Desktop Navigation – replace your home screen

  • aHome Lite – Originally intended as a clone of Apple’s I-Phone interface, this application proves to be the most easy-to-use in navigation and interface. It also has several themes with more coming.Functionally, this desktop client provides a dock bar on the bottom of the screen for your most used programs, which for most are their communication tools. It also scrolls to provide 6 screens, all customizable for widgets and applications. And unlike the generic Home and Open Home applications, you do not need to download additional apps to change icon names. It comes ready-made to do so!

Best Phonebook / Contact Utilities – makes your contacts better

  • StarContact–  The newest phonebook application, this provides everything you’d need to make a phone call. It has a predictive T-9 dialer, a direct link to voicemail and favorites, and also a full call log in addition to a search function.
  • Phonebook –  This is a marked improvement from the generic Contact application. It provides a dialer, favorites, and your contacts complete with their user icon for caller-ID. One of the best uses of this app is under the more tab, where you can see your most and least frequently contacted numbers for easy dialing.
  • Facebook Sync – Automatically imports your contacts’ Facebook photos to use for caller ID and does so effortlessly for you.
  • SMS Backup – One of the most useful apps for the G1! Automatically backs up all SMS messages to a folder in your Gmail account during autosynch. Never lose a text message again!

Best Wallpaper – find just about any background you want

  • Backgrounds – Updated daily, this application is one of my most used applications. Backgrounds provides a plethora of categories for specific searches a well as the ability to mark wallpaper as favorites, for those who change their minds often. I’ve also found that the wallpaper therein is of high quality.

Best Organizational – notes and lists that help you keep track of your life

  • 3banana – Allows the user to take standard text notes and also integrates the G1’s camera feature for picture notes as well.These notes can be commented or shared via Gmail, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • OI Shopping List – This is a basic list-making utility with check boxes for completion and list cleanup. It allows for the creation of multiple lists, which are easy to navigate. Users may also be converted into CSV files for exporting.

Best Financial – manage your money and keep track of your accounts

  • dgMoney – What I needed here was a place where I could easily manage and maintain multiple accounts. dgMoney allows me to enter transactions and mark each one as cleared, voided, uncleared, or reconciled. It shows me two balances per account, one for actual and one for what has cleared. dgMoney also allows me to export my transactions to a .csv file if I need to and best of all, it can be password protected so nobody can view my accounts but me. Just what I need in this area!

Best Search – why just search google when you can search everywhere

  • QuickSearch – Gives the user a search tab with an option for voice search as well as a cache of all previous searches. The main difference between this and the standard Google app is that it allows you to search a plethora of different sources like: Yahoo, Ask, Live, Answers, eBay, Amazon, Wikipedia, ESPN, M-W Dictionary, Facebook, LinkedIn, Myspace, Digg, Twitter, plus more in the areas of Media and Shopping. Get the point?
  • SearchMe – A graphical search tool that is awesome for searching screenshots of web pages or looking for images on the go.

Best Music – stream today’s best music and news radio to your phone

  • Streamfurious – Streaming audio site that has a few of my favorites, such as ESPN Radio & Fox News.
  • Imeem Mobile – Streaming audio from imeem. Excellent for Top 100 or whatever category you wish to listen to.

Best Timekeepers – useful alarms and stopwatches

  • Digital Clock – It’s the best alarm clock on the market. Large letters with custom colors designated by te user. And the most annoying alarm beep in the world. Exactly what I need.
  • Ultimate StopWatch – This is the best stopwatch on the market because it looks exactly like a stopwatch and is just as easy to operate. It also allows the user to log lap times as well.

Best RSS Reader – get your feed on the go

  • Greed – RSS Reader for Google Reader. Imports all your feeds for reading on the go. Also has sections for folders, starred items, feeds, and of course, new items.

Best All-in-One Portals – all you need for news, movie times, weather, sports, etc.

  • Handstand – Who needs separate apps for news, weather, movie times, etc? I don’t because I have this application, which is the most comprehensive of all these types of applications. It can even tell you about restaurants around your area, and has much more information than standalone restaurant-finder applications.
  • Where – Where is similar to Handstand except it has slightly different information. I would also say that this application is a little more visually-oriented, whereas Handstand is solely content driven. A neat GPS feature for this app is that it can tell you nearby gas prices and Starbucks locations.

Best System Tools – back-end applications that help

  • MemoryForLemmings – Supposedly clears out unused system memory & java memory. I only write supposedly because there is no way for me to prove that this is actually occurring. But it seems to work, clearing out 88k-94k in memory if I use it once a day.
  • aTrackDog – Scans your application data and lets you know if you have the latest versions of each application. Very useful for proactively updating your phone. Also useful for uninstalling unwanted applications quickly.
  • Ringdroid – Why pay for ringtones? Create your own with this easy-to-use application. It opens up any music file in your library and allows you to splice off any portion you use for a purely custom ring tones.
  • Flashlight – Sets your screen to its brighest for helping you navigate those dark rooms at night.

Best Browser – like going from Netscape to Firefox

  • Steel – Quite a bit more user friendly that the default G1 browser, Steel also comes equipped with a soft keyboard and the ability to save pictures & media by long-press.

Best Use of GPS

  • Google Maps – Well…. duh. Google Maps is the KING of directions, especially when you can choose ‘my current location’ as a starting point and something like ‘Chili’s Bar & Grill” as the destination and it will map you to the closest one.
  • Wikitude AR Travel Guide – This is one of the earliest applications for the G1 but it makes for excellent use as a travel companion. What it does is utilize the GPS function of Android to direct the user to local landmarks, It has several views as well – map, camera, and text. In camera view, you can be standing in front of the George Washington Memorial in Washington DC and point its direction. Your phone will then show you information on the landmark in wikipedia-type style. Very useful when on vacation!
  • PingLocation – This allows you to update your contacts on where you are, should you not be by your phone. How does this make sense? Well, if you get 2 missed calls in a row, this program will automatically send an SMSmessage back to the caller with your location. This is customizable by street, radius, etc. A similar program,Pintail, allows anyone to text your phone for a location request. Yet another showcase of the G1’s GPS abilities.

Slickest Applications – these applications are meant to trick

  • Screen Crack – Makes your phone look broken. No seriously, it looks like the phone screen is broken when you start this application. I’ve actually had people feel sorry for me over it.
  • Fake-A-Call Free – Need out of an awkward situation? This application makes it look like somebody is calling you. The ring, any name and number you choose… all of it looks highly authentic. Useful on blind dates, getting out of parties, and avoiding sniveling friends.
  • Metal Detector – Okay, I don’t know if this is actually a trick or not. This new application just came out and it works as a metal detector! That’s crazy!

Best Security – protect your important information

  • Autolock – You know the dotted key guard pattern feature for your G1? Autolock allows your handset to auto-activate this feature after any number of minutes that you choose, making it less annoying for actual use. The keyguard on the generic G1 locks the phone with every press of the end button. With this, your phone won’t require a pass code unless I walk away for more than 15 minutes, which is exactly what I need.
  • Lock 2.0 – Free – A slide unlocking application that mirrors that of the iPhone. You can change the background as well.

Best Shopping – waste money like me and just as easy

  • ShopSaavy – This is the original bar code scanner program that everyone raved about. And it still works great. I just don’t use it that much. Nonetheless, ShopSaavy is very useful for comparison shopping, especially for items like books and software.
  • Craigsphone –  A Craigslist client for the G1 smartphone. Easy-to-use and very straightforward. You can browse Craigslist easily with this tool when need be.
  • Pkt Auctions eBay – Works just like eBay. The interface is really quite nice and the navigation quite easy. I’ve bought $100’s worth of useless crap on my G1 already, proving that this application works as intended.
  • CraigsAlert-free – Now THIS is awesome for Craigslist users. It allows you to enter a search like say, “queen beds in Houston”, and what it does is ping Craigslist every 6 hours for items that much your search. Now you can keep an eye out for those great deals without actually having to look every time!

My Most Used Personally – applications I use most on a daily basis

  • textonphone – What this allows you to do is read books o your phone. So not only do you save yourself the trouble of carrying books around, but you can read anywhere. It does have a limited selection but there are dozens of books worth reading. So far, I’ve finished Foutainhead, Freakonomics, Art of Seduction, and may others. Without a doubt, my most used application.
  • DailyHoroscope – Much more than a daily horoscope, this application shows you characteristics, other character traits, and compatibility of your astrological sign as well!
  • Twitterride & twit2go– I use Twitter a ton. The microblogging site gets a lot of play for me. This applications keeps me connected to the twitterverse on the go. Above and beyond that, it’s a smaller file and less cumbersome than Twitroid and is much easier to use on a whole!

That’s it guys. Hope you found this useful. Subscribe or check back to the site regularly for more on technology and everything else in life. Thanks!


Twitter Guide for Newbies

February 22, 2009


What is Twitter?

Twitter is a microblogging community. In other words, imagine sending out a text message to 2 people. Or 200 people. or 2,000 people. Now imagine being able to follow the text messages of the same amount of people as well. All these people interact with one another in a real-time environment. You get to see everything that is happening in the world first-hand, free of the bias and filtering of traditional channels. That is Twitter.

For more – Check out this slideshow for Twitter for Beginners from Paul Bradshaw.

Who is using Twitter?

As it emerged, twitter became home to technologists and first-adopters eager to use the latest and greatest in web 2.0 technology. As is such, a lot of twittterers are quasi-geeks like me or New Media Douchebags seeking a medium to market their goods! But as Twitter has gained traction, users beyond the technology sphere have begun to adopt twitter as well.

Now it’s not just everyday people like you guys buying into the Twitter phenomenon. Corporations, realizing that they actually need to engage their stakeholders in this day-and-age, have jumped on the bandwagon as well. You can follow some of these guys at @starbucks, @wholefoods, @comcastcares, and many more.

Why use Twitter?

Some use twitter simply to see what is going on in the world in real-time. Whether it’s with global news, activities within companies or industries, or in their own personal and business networks. Others use it as a means of mass-communication, as it enables them to communicate to a broad spectrum of people rather than going about the tedious task of relaying the same message individually. Even more use Twitter for branding purposes, whether it is to push their companies or personal agenda. Other uses include marketing, reputation-management, or simply personal use with the doctrine of continuously telling the world how you feel, 140 characters at a time.

Significant News Events I have followed on Twitter

  • Student ‘twitters’ his way out of Egyptian Jail. (link) – A journalist sends out a 2-word twitter message, “in jail”, right before his arrest. The message spreads virally through the network until it reaches someone who can get him out.
  • Newark Airline crash survivor twitters “Holy Fucking Shit I Was Just In A Plane Crash!” to break the news that Continental airlines 737 had slid off the runway in Denver.
  • Following the Pirate Bay Copyright Trial on Twitter with real-time accounts from inside the courtroom through the Pirate Bay Founders & defendants. #spectrial on

What you need to do to get on Twitter and join the conversation

1. Join Twitter here. Make sure to use an interesting username or use your original name. Whatever it is, make sure it suits your purpose for how you want to use twitter.

2. Establish your twitter feed by following those you already know. Join in on as many conversations as you can. A helpful tip would be to go to Twitter’s search function and putting in keywords about your industry, company, hobbies, or anything else that you’re interested in. Follow some of those people also. The rest will take care of itself.

3. Make sure you go into your personal settings on Twitter so that you can route Tweets to your email inbox and/or cell phone. Real-time connectivity is crucial in enjoying this medium of communication. You may even want to consider downloading a desktop client such as Thwirl if you spend vast amounts of time in front of your laptop, Mac, or PC.

4. Enjoy Twitter! It is what you make it. And I promise you that this medium is only going to grow more prevalent. Get in early before it hits critical mass. Before long, you will become a Twitterholic and you too can tell you friends how to use twitter!

Comprehensive Guide to Using Twitter

For those who need instructions on how to use Twitter, go to The Ultimate Guide for Everything Twitter, it’s the most comprehensive Twitter Guide currently on the net and will tell you everything you need to know.

Want more info? Check out the following articles for more information on Twitter and its many uses

Wait or Circle? – How to Find a Parking Spot

August 21, 2008

Hypothetical Situation: You are in a huge hurry. The parking lot is full, and no spots at the far end are open. My God! What do you do?

There is an answer to this million-dollar question. It’s called CREEPING SOMEBODY OUT. It involves starting near the most convenient entrance/exit and slowly following whoever leaves all the way to their car. Do this while in a huge white van without any type of logo, windows, or identification. Wear some dark sunglasses. Crouch down near the steering wheel. It all helps.

I guarantee you’ll get the spot of your choice in short order once the person you follow speeds away like they owe you money. Muwahahaha…

But seriously, what’s the best way? Some people like to circle twice and then pick the best available spot. Others like to find a spot and park immediately, no matter how far out they may be.

What do YOU do? Comment and let a ninja know!

BTW – For the people who try to get closest spot in the parking lot – You lazy ass! C’mon! There are open spaces ten spots down but you’re going to pull up and wait for somebody to pull out closer just so you can get all the way up there?!? You’re blocking the road! Go choke on a box of Ring Dings you waste of life.

ANOTHER THING – For the people in the office parking garage that keep dinging my doors – My prediction is that will be fired soon, probably gain 25% more in body fat, and the husband is probably cheating on you with a younger woman half your size. FACT. Now quit dinging my doors… Thanks.

How to Get Music Online without Downloading Programs

August 17, 2008
So easy even a monkey can do it!

So easy even a monkey can do it!

When it comes to downloading music off the Internet, I’ve always been hesitant because with all malware. spyware, and viruses out there. Luckily enough for all you guys, I’ve found a simple ninja way to get all the free music you want, without Kazaa, Limewire, or any of the other peer-to-peer programs. All you need is firefox and the location of the .mp3 you are looking for.


1. Find the mp3 file of the song you want. For this purpose, I use projectplaylist.

  • Use the search function to find the song you want.
  • Click ‘visit site’ tp see the URL for the actual mp3 file.
  • Copy the URL to your clipboard.

2. Take the URL for the mp3 and past it into your firefox browser. A prompt will ask you which program you’d like to use to open OR save file. Choose save file and put it in your music folder and you’re good to go.

It’s THAT easy.

Geek Instructions on Finding ANYTHING through Google