A Guide to Becoming a Good Judge of Character


In all walks of life, there are certain universal “tells” that will depict the magnitude of one’s character. Usually, the positive signs are not as overt as the negative ones. Below are a few red flags that should cause you to be wary when judging others.

1. Filthy Living Space – Our homes are where we spend most of our time. If it is filthy, chances are that the person using it is too. The most telling signs are the kitchen and the bathroom. These places should be a haven for hygiene and cleanliness. It says a lot about a person when they don’t have enough consideration to themselves to maintain these places. And if they don’t have enough consideration for themselves, imagine how they are with other people.

2. Lacking Common Courtesy and Etiquette – Some people never take heed to mind their manners. Or perhaps their parents/mentors did not teach them any at a young age and they are continuing the cycle. A few examples include the person on a loud personal phone call on the bus or elevator at 7am, the guy who takes the liberty to put his feet up on your couch even if you don’t, and the person that consistently wears out their welcome everywhere they go. These are habits they carry with them wherever they go.

3. Always Flaunting Name Brands –  A person who sees the need to flaunt their material belongings is probably putting all their eggs in that basket. In my experience, truly respectable people don’t flaunt all that much, or least not so obviously.  Class is more about subtance than style. You shouldn’t buy a 85k luxury car and drive it home to your $300mo. apartment unless you are hiding from the IRS or selling drugs. And you shouldn’t flaunt your $30 Louis Vuitton bag that you bought off the back of a truck in Chinatown if you’re not 100% that it is real. A Patek Phillipe doesn’t stand out any more than a Rolex or a Tagheur. You wouldn’t recognize it unless you could afford it. In all things… “Act like you’ve been there before.”

4. Always Bragging about Every Little Thing – those who constantly seek validation from others are really seeking to validate their own lies or overcompensate for percieved inadequacies of self. Unless they are THAT passionate (you can tell the difference), be wary of those constantly shoving their selfish agendas down your throat. These types are usually full of sh•t.

5. Constantly Borrowing and Never Returning – They say you should always bring more to the table than you take away. This is true in all things and relationships, not just material goods. Most classy people hate being indebted. Those who seek to take away from you but do not give anything in return (even sincere appreciation, which is oftentimes enough) not only do not have your best interests in mind but probably not their own either.

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