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Blind Pianist Wins Prestigious Cliburn Award

October 9, 2009

Here is a Friday musical treat for the ninja network.

“Miracle is the only word to describe him. This is truly the act of God.”

These are the words Van Cliburn used to describe Nobuyuki Tsujii, a Japanese pianist who was born blind but with the gift for music. Tsujii-san began playing Jingle Bells on a toy piano his mother gave him at the age of two and began his formal study at the age of 4. By 10 years old, he played with the Century Orchestra Osaka and internationally as well.

The 21 year old Tsujii was recently honored this year as a 2009 gold medalist in the prestigious Van Cliburn International Piano Competition.

Check out the video below to watch this truly gifted savant play La Campanella at Cliburn.

Derrick Fury Performing this Sunday – Free Show!

August 14, 2009

Attention Houston Ninjas:

We spotlighted one of our friends, Derrick Fury, a few weeks ago regarding his considerable talents as a performer and musician. This weekend, you’ll have the chance to see Derrick perform along with Listener and Fienex locally at Frank-N-Stein’s Bar and Grill on HW6 in the Sugarland area.

The Sunday performance begins at 6pm and is sponsored by Elite MMA as the team’s Official Mixer event. For you ladies out there, what this means for you is an opportunity to meet some in-shape MMA/BJJ Fighters and eligible bachelors, which include many of our own ninjas.

Anyways, I’ll be out there and I’d love it if you joined us! Come say hi when you see me. ツ

Date: August, 16 2009 6:00 PM
Location: Frank N Steins Bar & Grill
Address: 9907 S Highway 6, Sugar Land, Texas 77498 – Free
Details: Performers: Listener, fienix and Derrick Fury.
Cost: Free show, good food and great music.


Artsy Chick reading Ophelia, Life Lessons, and College Parties

August 27, 2008

Spontaneity is the key to the good life. In keeping with that mantra, this past weekend couldn’t have went any differently than planned.

Last Concert Cafe and Flying Saucer on Friday brought about an almost-fight, a political disagreement, and getting booted from a hippie bar… All in 5 minutes. Who gets booted from a hippie bar? Much like the other eternal youth of lore, Peter Pan, someone has a shadow named trouble that follows him around like Mr. Magoo’s raincloud! Time for DNC Etiquette Boot Camp! LOL! It really wasn’t as dramatic as it sounds and we had a good time welcoming Chad Kight to his 29th year on earth. Lots and lots of alcohol.

Saturday morning, Chad (birthday boy), Kris, Lauren, and I took off to San Marcos for an impromptu whatever lets-just-get-out-of-town type of trip. Rolling right down I-35 and landing at the Exchange pool, we met some pretty interesting people. Hippy Volleyballers, a cute girl named Virginia reading Ophelia, an angry chihuahua, and old friends…. And afterwards? Jessica Hemmingway’s for some chill time with her and roommates. Dinner at River Pub followed by the Square rounded it out. Ran into @MoVelez and friends outside Nephews. Weird. You run into the coolest of people in the strangest of places.

Late night, Lauren decided against going to the foam party with us at the PiKapp’s new house. Too bad. Outside of the foam-covered slippery dirty ground, we had a good time. Kris is a well-known alumni so he had a million people running up to party with him. I could go through the whole thing but it all ended with about 20 of us crammed in a smokey room with Jessica, dressed like Angela Jolie in Mr.  Mrs. Smith, dancing on the coffee table. Let’s just leave it at that. Ahh, miss college.

Above and beyond anything else, the absolute coolest part of the weekend was outside the PiKapp house at the end of the night, about 4am. There were about ten people outside, eight of which could play guitar. So an instantaneous jam session just kind of happened. Next thing we know it and we’re all jamming and singing Jack Johnson into the country air. Hard to describe but definitely an awesome moment. And Sienna’s Jewel A Capella was equally awesome.

Goes to show – the moral of this weekend is that you have to enjoy life as it comes. You’re not gonna get the time back. You can go on and make millions and millions of dollars, start a family, etc. etc. and yet you may still find yourself trying to fill the voids of your early adulthood but WAY too late. Is it really the same? It’s like a crackhead chasing that first high. Simply a temporary fix.

Enjoy life NOW while it’s all still relevant and you still have the time.

In honor of this weekend, and life in general, here are some links to Jack Johnson MP3’s. Play. Download. Do as you wish.

Good Weekend. BTW – Watch out for that karma guys. Apparently it gives you bronchitis.

The Lord’s Prayer in Swahili

August 23, 2008

I’ve listened to music all my life. Most of what is in my collection, ipod, or closet floor is NOT what I would consider art. But every once you find art. Today, I will share one of those with you.

It’s called “Baba Yetu” – a setting of the text of the “Lord’s prayer” in Swahili, by a composer named Christopher Tin. It’s actually a song composed for a computer game, Civilization 4.

And interestingly enough, this song is actually the literal Swahili translation for the most famous Christian prayer of all time.

Thing song is beautiful. Truly a piece of art. Listen or download here.

How to Get Music Online without Downloading Programs

August 17, 2008
So easy even a monkey can do it!

So easy even a monkey can do it!

When it comes to downloading music off the Internet, I’ve always been hesitant because with all malware. spyware, and viruses out there. Luckily enough for all you guys, I’ve found a simple ninja way to get all the free music you want, without Kazaa, Limewire, or any of the other peer-to-peer programs. All you need is firefox and the location of the .mp3 you are looking for.


1. Find the mp3 file of the song you want. For this purpose, I use projectplaylist.

  • Use the search function to find the song you want.
  • Click ‘visit site’ tp see the URL for the actual mp3 file.
  • Copy the URL to your clipboard.

2. Take the URL for the mp3 and past it into your firefox browser. A prompt will ask you which program you’d like to use to open OR save file. Choose save file and put it in your music folder and you’re good to go.

It’s THAT easy.

Geek Instructions on Finding ANYTHING through Google

Kid Rock Concert

July 17, 2008
So my birthday experience this year was unusual. I took two days off from the office (4 Day Weekend) for the occasion. I had big plans of wild parties and a lot of drinking. Well… I must be the polar opposite of Nostradamus because none of my predictions came to pass.

From the moment the weekend starts, I’m already heading down a path of destruction in the totally wrong way. My initial thing was to spend the day at the Zoo and the Natural History Museum to see the Lucy Exhibit. Well before I head down there, I decide to stop for some Mexican food. It turns out that ordering a greasy burrito and a rather large Grand Marnier margarita first thing in the morning is NOT a good idea. Reason being, it made my stomach feel like a wet-shirt being squeezed out in the middle of a Gwar concert. So after plenty of sickness, I nix the zoo/museum idea and head home to try and man up before my birthday party. Well… a few hours later and I’m feeling better, or so I thought. Thinking I am well, Vincent and I head to Spec’s to buy liquor for my party. Well several samples of rum, tequila, vodka, port, and red wine later and I’m back to lying in fetal position for the rest of the night. That turned out to be the night-ender at my would-be birthday party. I believe that out of roughly ~40 people that made it to the party Chris and the guys threw for me, I may have seen 5 of them. LOL. Ah well…. 2nd year in a row that I’ve spent my birthday party in bed. And in the totally not-so-good way.

At least on Sunday, I had the pleasure of being taken to the Kid Rock Concert by Alex. She was so nice to buy the tickets and get us up to the front row. It’s funny but out of a four day weekend, those several hours were the ones where I actually felt well. I even felt awesome enough to verbally kung-fu a guy for trying to take my spot in the pee line. …speaking of which, how in the world is the guys’ restroom line 4 times longer than the women’s room?!?! Anyways, we had an awesome time fighting our way to the very front of the stage. I even made friends with the couples around us. I know because they came to my defense as I was attacked by an old lady. LOL. In any case, it was a fun time at the concert, even more fun listening to Chris Isaak driving through Memorial, and the most fun when we were just talking about random stuff at Sullivan’s while the restaurant closed around us. Good stuff. Alex, you were my respite from an otherwise tenious weekend of feeling powerless against myself. Thank you. I sincerely appreciate it.

The rest of my birthday weekend was spent running errands (my car is finally fixed!) and laying low. I took my family out to a Japanese dinner on my birthday Monday. It absolutely rewarding to be able to treat my family, whom I love more than anything in this life, to dinner on my birthday. It seems like the older I get, the less I care about the material stuff I used to care about, and truly focus on the important things, such as valuing my relationships.

In summation, what I got out of this year is the fact that I’m happy to know that I surround myself with good people. From my Mom and Dad, with all their infinite guidance and tutelage in making me this awesome person that I am, to Derrick Fury, Chea, and Eric Junker, who went out of their way to treat me on my birthday, I love the people that I surround myself with. After all, I’m only what they all made me to be. Looking back on this year, I guess I did get what I wanted. And I’m starting to feel better. So look out world. Good times ahead. 🙂

Jurassic 5 Concert

July 17, 2008

Below are some pictures from the Jurrasic 5 concert we went to last night. It was a badass time and everyone had a good time. The Ex-Pats from Britain got all the way up to the front row and we got to talk to the chief in the crowd. I don’t know how in the world my tab almost reached to the hundred mark when I only had 3 drinks. That will forever remain a mystery. Thanks to Kara for letting everyone meet at her fabulous lofts and Omar & Eddie for organizing the tickets. Love, Peace, & House of Pies to you all!