Becoming a Dad – Showing and Growing

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heartI awoke this morning and as my usual blurry-eyed look searched for signs of movement, the first thing to catch my eye was mom-to-be’s profile as she fixed her face at our bathroom mirror.

Now the more I began to wake up, the more I marveled at the size her growing baby bump. I noticed not-so-long-ago that its becoming more noticeably prominent. Mind you, I’m the type that may not notice you get a new haircut until you almost need the next one so this was was a pretty big deal for me.

One can clearly see that Megan is expecting now and its growing faster and faster by the day. Her complaints are growing too! It seems like our son-to-be is very particular about the way he likes her to do things. “Don’t lay that way,” he communicates with a swift kick to her tummy. “Don’t lay that way either,” he likes to say as he sits on her organs. Little ninja indeed.

I’m truly amazed by all this. It seemed like not so long ago when we saw the very-first sonogram and there it was, very ‘extra-terrestrial’ like, little tail and all. Megan called him “my little alien.” And as the OB visits with Doctor Ramos kept coming, the baby in the picture steadily grew bigger and bigger. A finger here. A foot there. A fast-beating heart. A little wiener, big for his age. Then along came the videos. Seeing the kick for the first time. Watching his little yawn over and over… The growth… It’s all happening so fast. Pretty soon we’ll have ourselves a little baby son. And I’m not going to know what to do! Will I want him to grow up? I do but not so fast.

And Megan, seeing her grow is amazing to me as well. I like to see it because to me, that’s a sign of good pregnancy health, seeing her belly grow. Even the vivacious kicks, albeit uncomfortable to mama, mean to me that there is a lively boy in there, waiting to grow up big and strong. Future BJJ World Champion, Footballer, and Track Star indeed. But seeing Megan grow so fast, I can’t help but to see it as a metaphor for our relationship, which has grown just as rapidly. Heck at this time last year, I didn’t even know what a Megan was. Much less predict one would encompass my world so thoroughly. And so there it goes, invariably, this growth is going to come to a head at some point and we’ll have our first child. And that child will grow and eventually ask us both, “Mom and Dad, how did you two meet?”

So here it is. An open letter to our son about how we met. A story to be told to him someday.  it’s very long-winded, I know,  but it’s okay reader, it’s not really for you.
Dear ________,

Son, you asked us how we met… Well kid, you should have asked twice. Reason being, that’s how it really happened. It’s kind of funny really, how we happened to fall in love and how you came to be. And it involves the help of many people, your aunts, a few uncles, even a German by the name of Jägermeister. (Kidding, I won’t tell him that part)

It started out when your Aunt Alaina, that’s right, Thales’ mom, worked with me at an engineering recruiting firm. Aunt Alaina and I actually worked together at our first job out of college also. That’s why its important to get your degree, so you can get a good-paying job and meet lifelong friends who make best friends for you like what Aunt Alaina & Uncle Jordan did when they had Thales.

Anyways, Aunt Alaina worked with your father for awhile and eventually moved on to a better job, as most people do. Your dad did also and as it turns out, our offices ended up not so far away from each other. Since I introduced your Aunt Alaina, who I worked with, to your Uncle Jordan, who I trained with, we’d all become really good friends. We’d have lunches together and hang out and talk about the two of them and everything else in the world.

Before I met your mom, I’d call your Aunt Alaina’s office every day.  Like I said, we used to talk about everything. And when I called over, a cute little professional voice always answered the phone. Your papa always liked to play a joke on this voice, pretending to be someone else, trying to scare her. I had all kinds of tricks so don’t think I won’t know if you ever try to trick me. I know all of them son.

One day, instead of going to a restaurant, we decided to have sushi for lunch at their office with Aunt Melynda and Uncle Steve, who I also introduced, since Uncle Steve trained with us also and I met Aunt Melynda through Thales’ mom. See how that works? Let that be a lesson to you son, you bring together the right type of people and you can create love and all types of great things!

So that day when I came into their office for lunch, I found out who the owner of this voice was. It was your mom! And your daddy thought she was cute! Very very beautiful, the owner of this voice was. But I didn’t say anything. Not to her at least. But yeah, that’s how we first met, on February 22, 2007.

Now kid remember, I told you about asking twice. That’s because the second time I met your mom, that’s when I knew it’d be it. Fast forward almost two years. It wasn’t until October 2, 2008 that I saw your mom for the second time.

Your cousin Thales was already born and your Uncle and Aunt were already married. On that night, your uncle Jordan was fighting in his very-first MMA fight at the Hall of Fame, a country dance hall in College Station. Your Uncles Eddie & Vincent and I actually went up there early for the weigh-ins to be with your Uncle Jordan. We were going to be timekeepers for the fights later that night also and your Uncle let us know that Aunt Alaina would be coming to watch with a friend later on. Well when she arrived, it turns out she had your mom with her! I didn’t recognize her from before but again, I thought she was really REALLY pretty. I even asked your Aunt Alaina about her and would you believe it, she said I had no chance at all with your mom.

Now son, it’s never polite or gentlemanly to hound girls so I didn’t really bother her. In fact, I said hello and everything but we didn’t talk much throughout the evening. Your Aunt, your mom, and their other friends were right over the railing across from the timekeepers table so I frequently looked over just to check on them since it was crowded. It’s always polite to check on girls son. They may not need you to but they may appreciate the protection and its only gentlemanly to always make sure the women in your life are doing okay.

Now back to your mom, she swears she noticed me looking at her but I don’t think so. I was just checking on them. Anyways, from that night, your mom and I began something very beautiful. We’d call each other and ask how we were doing and talk about our jobs and all types of wonderful things. And your Aunts Lindsey, Melynda, and Alaina, they encouraged us to talk to each other because they saw that we had a lot to talk about, which was very special. And your Uncles, Kris, Eddie, and Omar, they helped us also, always asking your mom to stay and watch movies just to keep the two of us spending time with each other. And that’s how your mom and dad developed a great friendship with the help of our friends. And through time, that friendship turned into love and pretty soon after, that love turned into you.

So now you see son, that’s the story of how your mommy and daddy first met, twice. We both love you very much. Now go do your homework! 🙂

P.S. – Not for my son but just for you guys…. I actually met Megan more than twice.  It was three times to be accurate. Ask me about how I literally lost her and how, with the help of all those people I mentioned, found her again. This part of the story involves a lot of effort, lost makeup, a phone conversation while lost in a parking garage, and some olive juice. And it’s probably the sweetest story of them all.

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7 Comments on “Becoming a Dad – Showing and Growing”

  1. John Says:

    Great blog! I’m usually a lurker on here, decided to come out of the shadows.

  2. Alaina Rivas Says:

    I totally forgot about you calling in and changing your voice! And hate to break this to you now… but we totally knew it was you every time.

    Such a beautiful story!

    Love you guys 🙂

  3. Melynda Lieby Says:

    So that’s who Alaina was always talking to (wink wink) I forgot all about sushi day!

    You two are awesome!

    Love you both 😀

  4. The sushi place was Oishi! Their happy hour is/was awesome! $1 rolls. Alaina, you discovered it right?

  5. Alaina Rivas Says:

    You got it Mike! I had heard about it not long after I moved to H-town. It has been so long since we’ve been there. We will have to hit it up soon 🙂

  6. Polprav Says:

    Hello from Russia)

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