Becoming a Dad – Retrospective

For those of you that didn’t know, I chronicled my journey (some may call it a miraculous transformation), from out-of-control, live-by-the-seat-of-my-pants bachelor to becoming a first-time father not too long ago.

By sheer happenstance, I re-read portions of this diary today for the very first time since Nicky was born five months ago. It seems like ages in some ways and others, seems like yesterday! Looking back, I marvel at how I felt and evolved throughout this journey. Relating past expectations to current feelings, I know how I lucky I am to have my son. To use a cliché that probably only other parents truly understand, it was all worth it in the end!

Below, I am re-listing every single journal entry I wrote for Becoming a Dad for my friends who are currently awaiting their first and for any guy who endeavors to become a father themselves someday. Who knows, maybe some mommies out there might enjoy reading these journals as well.

  1.  A Surprise Beginning
  2.  Ninja Dagger Hormones
  3. The First Ultrasound
  4.  Sympathy Emotions
  5.  Running to make It
  6.  Coming Home
  7.  Painful Lesson Learned
  8.  Fireworks & a Birthplace
  9. Find Out the Sex of our Baby
  10. A Chance Meeting
  11. Grandfather’s Revenge
  12.  Nice Little Sundays
  13.  Showing and Growing
  14.  Accidents and Emergencies
  15. Bedtime Habits 
  16. Putting Away Groceries
  17. His and Her Days
  18. Third Trimester Here we Come
  19. Labor Day Getaway
  20. How to Deal with Pregnancy Hormones
  21. Baby Registry Advice
  22. 50 First Days
  23. Baby Shower Pictures
  24. Gratitude
  25. Racing to the Finish Line
  26. Nicholas is Born!
Nicky at 5-months.

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