Becoming a Dad – 50 First Days


Today marks the 50 day countdown to our anticipated due date! You know what that means? It means this baby could be coming in just a few weeks, depending on when he decides to make his way into the world. Based on how stubborn and impatient his parents are, mom-to-be and I are both thinking that time could be sooner rather than later. So yeah…. every day from now on is going to be filled with anticipation.

Wow. Two months shy of having our baby baby with us. What a sobering thought. So much still left to get done.

Laying in bed last night, Megan and I had a quiet chance to reflect on the past 7-8 months of this experience.

We’ve been so blessed within this pregnancy to not have experienced many of the common complications of many pregnancy. Stuff like gestational diabetes, kidney stones, and hemorrhoids… Or even nosebleeds, infections, H1N1, or illness of any kind. What a blessing it continues to be to not have to deal with any of that stuff. For that we feel so fortunate. It makes every other sacrifice and committment we’ve had to make seem so trivial.

 It’s nice to reflect on the good stuff every once in awhile. Now we can face the these last fifty days with strength knowing that the wind is on our backs for the rest of the journey!

One last thing – Megan and I went to a 4-hour ‘Life with Baby’ course this past weekend that gave us a lot of material. Gone is the fear of the unknown. Now I know what I’m scared of. lol. Cue dirty diaper powerpoint in my mind.LOL. In all seriousness, this class covered everything from infant characteristics & diapering to safety, breast feeding, and how to deal with crying. Very helpful indeed. I’ll be covering all those in my next blog so don’t miss it.

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5 Comments on “Becoming a Dad – 50 First Days”

  1. Gavin Says:

    The cafeteria at Women’s hospital rocks.

  2. Yeah Gav, we showed up an hour early by accident and ate there. It was pretty decent. We even walked around the nursery while we were there. 🙂

  3. Yasmine Says:

    Don’t get too excited! My doctor told us we would delivery early, maybe even by weeks, and today is our due date — still no baby! It sucks to get your hopes up. Most first time babies (I just learned) are late.

  4. Gavin Says:

    Women’s, like every hospital, charges for EVERYTHING. Meg is NOT going to feel like eating much after giving birth. You, on the other hand, uhm, well. Anyways, have Meg order your food from the cafeteria. They won’t charge her. They will charge you. They will totally believe that a woman who just gave birth will want the apple cobbler a la mode and the burger with fries. Just don’t be obvious about it. LOL!!

  5. N Dunn Says:

    I have just turned 50 and my wife is expecting our first child at the age of 43 – she is now 6 and a half months pregnant.

    I have just started a blog on the whole subject of being an older parent (to-be at the moment) and wondered if you would like to feature a link to it on your website as a source of both fun and information about the hopes and fears of being an older dad.

    The blog is at

    Please let me know if you wish to do this.

    Kind regards


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