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Holiday Pot Luck Dinner Invitation

December 18, 2008
Houston People – We are hosting a Holiday Pot Luck Dinner this Saturday, December 20th at our Westchase location. Simply reply here if you are interested in joining us for eats before a night of eggnog (or bullblasters) to celebrate the holiday season.

Event: DNC Annual Holiday Pot Luck Dinner
December 20, 2008
DNC Westchase

Contribution List (updated as of Thursday Night, 12/20)

  • Kris – “Beerducken” – Whole Turkey marinated with beer and stuffing
  • Erica L. – Her Famous Loaded Potatoes
  • Mike – Fresh Ceasar Salad w/ Homemade Dressing
  • Megan – Grilled Organic Lamb Steak
  • Ashley D. – Sweet Potato Casserole
  • Shabs – Turtle Cheesecake
  • Kim – Hummingbird Cake
  • Mariam – Jolly Ranchers

Comment with what you are bringing otherwise you can always wash the dishes!

The Ninja Slippers strike again!

December 16, 2008

The Ninja Slippers strike again! The boys at Ploomy named our very own Suzanne “C-Cup” Leighton Ploomy Girl #10. Check out her interview on the site. It’s very educational to say the least.

A DNC December to Remember

December 16, 2008

The Cancer Benefit & Zone D’Erotica Fashion Show that Liz put together for her friend was a success. Good to see the bars full all night to benefit Liz’ good friend Toni Mercer. Causes like this are exactly what we should be supporting on an ongoing basis within our communities. Below is a picture of a few of our ninjas at Roc Bar for the event.


(L-R) Junker, Leslie, Liz, Stealth Ninja (Back) King Dallas, Fuda, Sledge

The Elite MMA Friendship Tournament in support of Mike D. on December the 13th was also a huge success. No match results needed. Just a fun time with teammates, some pretty awesome stuff being raffled off to raise money for medical bills, and some delicious BBQ ala Martin. Good times with the Elite family!



And by the way, did you happen to catch the seats we had at the Houston Texans game Sunday? Not bad huh? Nice view indeed. Thanks Spencer, Rashke, and Robbie for that one!

DNC goes to Washington!

December 5, 2008

Mike for President

America and Otis Redding said a change was gonna come and the DNC heard his call! No not really. Mike has been in our nation’s capital on professional business this past week but is returning to Houston on Friday, December 5th, right on time for the weekend festivities!

Some Events can Look Forward to in the Coming Week

  • 12/6, 10pm – Manny Pacquaio vs. Oscar De La Hoya Boxing PPV – @ DNC Westchase
  • 12/7, 4pm – Sunday Funday BBQ for Mike’s Birthday just so Omar can be Annoyed at Week-long Birthday Celebrations – DNC Westchase
  • 12/10, 9pm – Mike Calimbas’s Birthday, an intimate celebration for close friends – @ Last Concert Cafe
  • 12/12, 10pm – Cancer Benefit & Zone D’Erotica Fashion Show – @ Rocbar (We are assisting in putting this together. It’s for Mrs. Sledge’s close friend who is suffering through an unfortunate time. More info later. You can help just by coming out!)
  • 12/13, 1pm – Elite MMA In-School Friendship Tournament. Tentative Superfights include Chad Robichaux (Woodlands) vs. Frost Murphy (Baytown), Chad Kight (Woodlands) vs. Jordan Rivas (Baytown), and Ninja vs. ThinkAlpha for the DNC Championship 2008!

Winning Ninjas of November! (photos)

November 24, 2008

November 13th in Huntsville, in conjunction with USACA and Sigma Chi, Lonestar Beatdown threw their 7th successful event. Our very own John “Coconut” Alfeche stepped away with his first win in MMA competition.


Coconut w/ Elite cornermen


"to the victor go the spoils."

LSBD Officials before the fights

LSBD Officials before the fights

DNC Filipinos

DNC Filipinos

November 22nd – We officially celebrated Eric & Sarah’s engagement at the spot they first met @ Open City. Thanks to the couple for hosting family and close friends to an excellent time. The hour’derves and plethora of shots sure did a number on all of us.

bride and groom to be

bride and groom to be


"Smer!" - Fashion Statement by Dallas Mabry

Munveen makes an appearance on his own birthday!

Munveen makes an appearance on his own birthday!

Exclusive Christopher and Gustavo sighting.

Exclusive Christopher and Gustavo sighting.

1st Matt. Now its Eric. Eddie must be next.

1st Matt. Now its Eric. Eddie must be next.

we all fall down sometimes.

we all fall down sometimes. a true ninjas always gets back up.

Papparazi shot on the couple as the nights winds to a close.

Papparazi shot on the couple as the nights winds to a close.

1st Month in Albany Retrospective

November 20, 2008

The Good:

JOB – Vicarious Visions (Activision) is awesome: my bosses, co-workers, colleagues, environment, products, you name it. This has far exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to see what happens next. I’m definitely in this for the long haul!

WEATHER – I’ve never lived in a state with 4 seasons and I moved here in the fall (which is like a Texas winter). The scenery is so beautiful. I love running in the many parks the Capital Region has to offer. For the first time, I get to live in the snow!!!! However, everyone is telling me that the snow’s euphoric effects will wear off in 2 weeks.

HISTORY – I’m a history buff so I eat this stuff up and fully enjoy it.

LOCATION – Even though this city is small, it’s conveniently located in between the slopes and NYC so I can get my fix any weekend I start to get the itch! Plus, I can drive to Boston or Montreal in a matter of hours!

The Bad:

LOCATION – If I wasn’t such a nature-loving outdoor girl, I would go nuts because “the city” is like a northeastern La Grange. I can see why people call this place SMALLbany. I still don’t think it’s all that bad though. I was ready to get out of a heavily polluted and super hot city.

FRIENDS & FAMILY – I miss all my loved ones ❤

The Ugly:

LOCALS – Although I feel that generalizing is bad, I must confess that 99.9% of the encounters I’ve had with the locals have been exceedingly unsavory.

SHOPPING – This place only has 1 decent mall. Crossgates Mall is about the same size as the smallest mall in Houston. Ugh… I am missing the Galleria, Katy Mills, and Memorial City Malls. Looks like I’ll be buying a lot of stuff online.

FOOD – Everything here is way underseasoned and bland. I’ll be carrying hotsauce with me everywhere I go!

November Ninja News

November 17, 2008

The latest news on what the DNC’s ninjas were up to this past month.

DNCWorldewide – Kevin Yu of Dreampod (link) has been cool enough to partner with us in developing the DNC brand. Kevin is a prodigiously gifted graphic artist and web designer so be on the lookout for some of his work on our site soon. We will have a chance to welcome Web Ninja into ninja-hood in short order.

Ninja Girls – We nominated some of our awesome girl friends for the Ploomy Girl Column. Ploomy is a Men’s Magazine that focuses on What Men Need to Know. Awesome interview by Melissa so far. More to come!

Out of Towners – DNC Dubai, Christopher Reinig will be returning from the Emirates for a short sabbatical on the 21st of this month. Karen Dezelle will also be visiting during the Thanks giving Holidays.

John Alfeche – John won his MMA Debut at Lonestar Beatdown 7 in Huntsville, TX on November 13th Despite slipping several times during the bout, John managed to win using the “mounted coconut smash” to pummel his opponent en route to a unanimous decision.

Chad Kight – Chad fought in a BJJ superfight during the Atama Open Tournament on November 8th. He fought a very game opponent in Patrick Head, Gracie Barra Brown Belt, and lost by points while going for a submission all throughout. He went for good attempts at a kimura and armbar before time ran out. Here is a link to the Houston Chronicle article on the tournament and Chad. (Link)

Andrew Berman – Andy is finishing up a very trying semester at UH. He fought through an onslaught of tests during the past 2 weeks and is slated to get through the semester with a 4.0 GPA, setting up a very promising future as financial consultant to our organization.

Ponciano Manalo – “Jino” scored an almost perfect score on his GRE exam recently and is finishing up his grad school applications to Columbia, Johns Hopkins, and Georgetown University. Jino will be completing his graduate studies in International Policy. His brothers in the DNC are extremely elated at his accomplishments and have no doubt that he will be in asset to our organization for a long time to come.

Munveen Walia – Mr. Walia is finishing up his clinicals and will be a certified X-Ray technician at the end of 2008. Congratulations to Mr. Walia on his large accomplishment.

Steve Lieby – Congratulations to Mr Lieby and the lovely Melynda Fox on their upcoming nuptials next month. The ninjas are pleased to see yet another DNC pairing tie the knot! Melynda celebrated her birthday on Nov. 17th. Congratulations on another year wiser Mel!

Paula Donato – Happy 25th once again to Pocket Ninja this month! Paula has been a number one supporter of the DNC since our inception and also was recently promoted to Nursing Supervisor at her hospital. Congratulations on all these milestones you’re accomplishing Paula. Keep it going as it only gets better from here!

Jess & Jessica Forrest – Congratulations to little Julianna on her 1st birthday! The food that Jonathan cooked was amazing! I still think of that salad and lasagna anytime I get hungry.

Gustavo Rocha – Our beloved Gussy celebrated his birthday early this month. Congratulations and Happy Birthday to one of our finest.

Ramiro Rangel – In addition to his responsibilities as an Accounting Professional, Ramiro has been practicing heavily with his new band, Wronged Again. (Link – They debuted at a few shows this month and look forward to a promising future as a group! Damn Ramiro – salsa instructor, accountant, dating consultant, and baddest hardcore drummer in TX. Is there anything this man cannot do?!

That’s all your DNC news for now. Sorry if I missed anyone. Back to you Trish Takinawa!