DNC Newsletter – January 2009

Welcome everyone to my first update of the new year!

As a token of good luck to 2009, I’d like to welcome and announce a few new ninjas into our fold. Full bios upcoming soon.

  • JR Casimiro of Sugar Land, TX and an oil & gas professional in the Houston area joins us with unanimous vote from the other Filipino ninjas. Based on what we’ve seen in the past month, JR will fit in quite nicely as the 5th element to the already formidable group of islanders in Mike, Kris, Jino, and Edward.
  • Brooke Sinclair, a Corporate Communications junior from the University of Houston, recently joined us through the recommendation of Veenu Walia. Brooke has been active in the theatre scene, working as a Production Stage Manager for the Alley Theatre in Houston, etc. Brooke is also working with Zenph in New York for the premier showcasing of Art Tatum: Piano Starts Here at the Apollo Theater.

In other DNC news:

  • Kris successfully launched his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community site, mopthemats.com.
  • Congratulations to Jino on finalizing his graduate school applications to NYU, Colombia, Johns Hopkins, and Georgetown. We’ll cross our fingers for your acceptance to the International Relations Graduate Program of your choice.
  • Melynda and Steve will be having their upcoming wedding in March 2009 here in Houston.
  • Jess & Jessica Forrest‘s son Jay celebrated his birthday this past Saturday, 1/10/08. Happy Birthday Jay! Thank you to the Forrests’ for hosting us at 300 for a fun afternoon of bowling.
  • Happy Birthday to Ashley Dohlonde on 1/16/08. She’ll be hosting her birthday party at Club Drake on that date.
  • Eric Junker will be celebrating his birthday on Friday, 1/23/08. Details to follow.
  • Luis DLF is planning a Las Vegas outing for the weekend of April 14th-17th. It is up on the facebook discussion board for anyone interested in going.

Also: I am updating with less frequency now as my schedule has picked up personally, but as the run rises every day without fail, the DNC also keeps moving irregardless of one person’s personal efforts.

Did I miss anything? Comment or let me know.

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2 Comments on “DNC Newsletter – January 2009”

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