February Ninja Newsletter

Well hello ninjas and ninja slippers! I hope that everybody is doing well amidst this struggling economy, current market conditions, and everything else that is going on the world. For those of you that have been laid off or experienced a recent loss, I have this Eric P. quote to give you that helped me once upon a time, “ninjas always bounce back… dawg.” It’s crazy how a simple statement like that can have such a profound effect on one’s mind. Looking deeper into it, I believe it is the solidarity of our relationships and our individual strength of self that allow us to reach for our goals. To everyone – keep pushing forward to acheive, no matter what the world throws your way!

Major Announcement:

  • Jino Manalo, one of our original ninjas, is awaiting word any day now on his admittance to one of four very prestigious graduate programs. Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, Colombia, or Elliot would be lucky to have this ninja amidst their ranks. Jino’s astute understanding of international policy will serve him well one day. Speaking of which, have you ever considered public service Jino? The DNC could use a good Washington man. We’re proud of you Jino!

Other DNC news from January-February:

  • Congratulations to ninjas Jordan, Forrest, and the rest of the Great 8 for achieving the lifelong dream of earning their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belts, which were awarded to them this past January from Eric Williams. Congrats to Kris Alpha on earning his blue belt in BJJ as well!
  • A huge congrats to Lightweight & Mel, who finally got married on 2/11! I was a part of introducing these two so I have great pride in their union.
  • Happy 32nd Birthday to Eric P. this past month. Dinner at Dolce vita was yummy!
  • Congrats to Veenu “Monday” Walia on graduating with his certificatation as an X-Ray Technician. Now get a job Munveen! Ninjas play AND work man!

Upcoming Events:

  • Animal Fightwear Submission Championships on February 21st (site)
  • Animal FW Tournament After-Party sponsored @ Frank-N-Steins and promoted by DNC Worldwide.
  • Lonestar Beatdown 8 at Arena Theatre in Houston (site) – *be on the lookout for some real ninja timekeepers!

Random DNC Photo Bomb!

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