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Paying It Forward – Healing and Helping Kids

July 16, 2009

holdemgroupWe at DNC worldwide recently announced our participation for the VCSA Casino Night Fundraiser this coming Saturday, July 18th at 7pm. By giving our support, we hope to do our part in helping the Hoang Nguyen Foundation meet its goal of helping the Vietnamese Culture and Science Association of Houston maintain its after-school tutors program. The VCSA has been able to secure $15,000 in grants thus far (from St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital) but needs another $15,000 to maintain operating costs for the remainder of the year. Let’s get them there by playing some poker and blackjack for a good cause (and some huge prizes) this Saturday at 7pm at Frank-N-Stein’s in Sugar Land!

After Casino Night, the next event we are throwing our support behind comes by way of very own Gamer Ninja, Allen Ragasa,¬† who is involved in another extremely non-profit by the name of Extra Life. Many of you have not met Allen but I can tell you from personal experience that he cares so much about giving back to the community, which is amongst the main criterion for being a ninja for DNC Worldwide. Besides that, he’ll kick your tail in just about every gaming system there is!

Anyways, he’s more information about Extra Life from Allen:


This year, we are taking part in a cancer fundraiser called Extra Life, which is a video-game marathon where we play games for 24 continuous hours to raise money for Pediatric Cancer and the Texas Children’s Hospital. Last year, gamers from the community I am involved with got together and, in one month, raised $120,000 for cancer research. This year, we have been given four months advance notice and we want to blow last year’s donations out of the water. So we are trying to think big and bad on how we can accomplish this.

More details on Extra Life as it comes. The event date is set and the gamer marathon will be taking place on October 17th in Houston, TX beginning at 8am until 8am the following day at a location yet-to-be-determined.

Here are some immediate ways you can contribute to the process:

  • There are a few locations being thrown around but the venue for Extra Life – Houston has not been set. Know of a location in Houston that could host a lock-in event of this magnitude? Please e-mail Allen details in terms of cost, etc.
  • Play video games? Consider yourself a hardcore gamer? Get in contact with our Gamer Ninja to see how you can play games for twenty-four straight hours… and actually do it for a good cause this time. ūüôā

Supporting Casino Night on July 18th for VCSA After-School Tutors Program

July 13, 2009


As a sponsor of cultural diversity and educational initiatives, DNC Worldwide  is proud to support the Hoang Nguyen Foundation, founded by our friend Hai Nguyen. Named in honor of his father, who passed away after battling cancer in April 2002, this charitable organization will be hosting a VCSA fundraiser next Saturday, July 18th, 2009 that we should all make an effort to attend.

Proceeds from this ‘Casino Night’ charity event¬†will go towards¬†continuing an educational program¬†for ¬†needy children. By doing your part to¬†parcticipate (and have fun while doing it), you can be a huge help in allowing these kids keep their after-school tutors. A very worthy cause indeed.

There are two ways to help out guys. First, you can buy in on one of three Texas Hold’em poker tournament tables. Buy-in ranges from $50, $100, and $500 and there¬† will be crresponding prizes for the winner of each table. Examples of prizes ro be awarded include $200 in Animal Fightwear clothing, a free 6-month memberships to Elite MMA (a $900 value) to a big-screen television. If you’re not into gambling, a tax-deductable donation may also be made directly to VCSA. Either way, you’re helping a good cause.


Date: Saturday, July 18, 2009
Time: 7:00 pm
Where: Frank-N-Stein’s Bar & Grill
Location: 9907 HW6 South, Sugarland, TX 77478
Phone: (281) 568-5593

More details by enlarging the flyer and also by reading the official press release via Hai Nguyen of the Hoang Nguyen Foundation and Anh Nguyen of VCSA.

Some Like It Hot 2009

June 20, 2009

The party on Lake Travis is 5 weeks away!!  Check out the Evite to RSVP and such.  Lets also start figuring out hotel situations.  Spread the word as the more the better.  This year we will have:

  • 1500 Jello Shots (see if they last more than 10 min this year)
  • Long Island Ice Tea,¬† Margaritas
  • Mexican Jolly Ranchers, Kamakazis
  • and of course lots and lots of beer for the 2 story beer bong!!

I look forward to seeing everyone on the Lake!!

DNC River Trip Recap – The Photo Collection

May 11, 2009
DNC River Trip May’09 (Photos by: Kim & Omar)
DNC River Trip May’09 (Photos by: Ricardo)

This past weekend, the  DNC summer kicked off with a bang as we indulged in our first vacation of the summer season, a river float and resort getaway at Hideout on the Horshoe in Canyon Lake, TX. 

Good drink, good eats, and good times had by all from May 8-10. , 2009! Comprehensive picture diary in our Picassa albums, linked above!

ANIMAL FIGHTWEAR‚ĄĘ & DNC Worldwide After-Party this Saturday

February 18, 2009


DNC Worldwide will be sponsoring the Animal FW Submission Tourney¬†after-party and UFC Party at the new¬†Frank-N-Stein’s Bar & Grill¬†this in Katy, TX on Saturday, February 21st, 2009 at 8pm.

Come join the ninjas as we celebrate our wins and watch the UFC fight card featuring Diego Sanchez vs. Joe “Big Daddy” Stevenson.

Location: The new Frank-N-Stein’s is located at 233 S. Mason Rd in Katy, TX.

February Ninja Newsletter

February 13, 2009

Well hello ninjas and ninja slippers! I hope that everybody is doing well amidst this struggling economy, current market conditions, and everything else that is going on the world. For those of you that have been laid off or experienced a recent loss, I have this Eric P. quote to give you that helped me once upon a time, “ninjas always bounce back… dawg.” It’s crazy how a simple statement like that can have such a profound effect on one’s mind. Looking deeper into it, I believe it is the solidarity of our relationships and our individual strength of self that allow us to reach for our goals. To everyone – keep pushing forward to acheive, no matter what the world throws your way!

Major Announcement:

  • Jino Manalo, one of our original ninjas, is awaiting word any day now on his admittance to one of four very prestigious graduate programs. Johns Hopkins, Georgetown, Colombia, or Elliot would be lucky to have this ninja amidst their ranks. Jino’s astute understanding of international policy will serve him well one day. Speaking of which, have you ever considered public service Jino? The DNC could use a good Washington man. We’re proud of you Jino!

Other DNC news from January-February:

  • Congratulations to ninjas Jordan, Forrest, and the rest of the Great 8 for achieving the lifelong dream of earning their Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belts, which were awarded to them this past January from Eric Williams. Congrats to Kris Alpha on earning his blue belt in BJJ as well!
  • A huge congrats to Lightweight & Mel, who finally got married on 2/11! I was a part of introducing these two so I have great pride in their union.
  • Happy 32nd Birthday to Eric P. this past month. Dinner at Dolce vita was yummy!
  • Congrats to Veenu “Monday” Walia on graduating with his certificatation as an X-Ray Technician. Now get a job Munveen! Ninjas play AND work man!

Upcoming Events:

  • Animal Fightwear Submission Championships on February 21st (site)
  • Animal FW Tournament After-Party sponsored @ Frank-N-Steins¬†and promoted by DNC Worldwide.
  • Lonestar Beatdown 8 at Arena Theatre in Houston (site) – *be on the lookout for some real ninja timekeepers!

Random DNC Photo Bomb!

DNC Newsletter – January 2009

January 12, 2009

Welcome everyone to my first update of the new year!

As a token of good luck to 2009, I’d like to welcome and announce¬†a few new ninjas into our fold. Full bios upcoming soon.

  • JR Casimiro of Sugar Land, TX and an¬†oil & gas professional in the Houston area joins us with unanimous vote from the other Filipino ninjas. Based on what we’ve seen in the past month, JR will fit in quite nicely as the 5th element to the already formidable group of islanders in Mike, Kris, Jino, and Edward.
  • Brooke Sinclair, a Corporate Communications junior from the University of Houston, recently joined us through the recommendation of Veenu Walia. Brooke has been active in the theatre scene, working as¬†a Production Stage Manager for the Alley Theatre in Houston, etc. Brooke is also working with Zenph in New York for¬†the premier showcasing of Art Tatum: Piano Starts Here at the Apollo Theater.

In other DNC news:

  • Kris successfully launched his Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu community site,
  • Congratulations to Jino on finalizing his graduate school applications to NYU, Colombia, Johns Hopkins, and Georgetown. We’ll cross our fingers for your acceptance to the International Relations Graduate Program of your choice.
  • Melynda and Steve will be having their upcoming wedding in March 2009 here in Houston.
  • Jess & Jessica Forrest‘s son Jay¬†celebrated his birthday this past Saturday, 1/10/08. Happy Birthday Jay! Thank you to the Forrests’ for hosting us at 300 for a fun afternoon of bowling.
  • Happy Birthday to Ashley Dohlonde on 1/16/08. She’ll be hosting her birthday party at Club Drake on that date.
  • Eric Junker will be celebrating his birthday on Friday, 1/23/08. Details to follow.
  • Luis DLF is planning a Las Vegas outing for the weekend of April 14th-17th. It is up on the facebook discussion board for anyone interested in going.

Also: I am updating with less frequency now as my schedule has picked up personally, but as the run rises every day without fail, the DNC also keeps moving irregardless of one person’s personal efforts.

Did I miss anything? Comment or let me know.