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Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Eric Prudhomme on getting married this past weekend!

October 5, 2009

Eric and Sarah’s beautiful wedding took place at Hotel Valencia in San Antonio, TX this past October 3rd with close friends, family, and some of the old school ninjas present to wish the beautiful couple well.

Below is a short description of what the wedding was like.

DSC04593Our group of 8 caravan’d over to the San Antonio River Walk’s Hotel Valencia around 7pm. We met the groom and some of his family at the cocktail lounge for drinks and conversation. After a few rounds, we were led up to the 3rd floor courtyard where the wedding was to take place. From the chairs and  flower petals to a fire fountain as the backdrop to the altar, the ambience at the ceremony was amazing.  The whole scene was chique yet intimate at the same time.

With about fifty guests present, the wedding had a very cozy feel. Sarah looked beautiful in her dress. You could see the glow on Eric’s face even before she walked down the aisle. He was lit up with excitement (cheesy grin, ear to ear) throughout their vows and Sarah was bursting with excitement as she proclaimed “absolutely!” in response to their pastor asking if she would take Eric to be her husband. From there, Eric was very ninja as he dipped her for their first kiss as man and wife.

After the ceremony, the guests were led to the outdoor patio for a cocktail hour (open bar!) while the wedding party took pictures. The patio overlooked the  famed River Walk and was an excellent spot to mingle and chat with friends, albeit the rain that drizzled down towards the end. It was actually perfect timing because as the rain started coming down in earnest, it was time for the reception.

Speaking of which, that was absolutely fantastic. The dim lighting coupled with the rose petals adored on the tables and the other decor really set the mood. Someone remarked that the hotel (and reception) were very True Blood-esque and that was definitely true in the sense that the whole engagement was set in style. Substance matched that in the crab cakes, NY strip steaks, crab bisque, and rest of the food which was amazing. The cocktail shots and drinks coupled with dance floor completely sealed it up for what I would say was an marvelous wedding for a similarly perfect couple.

The rest of the evening is a blur of Kris dancing with lovely old ladies and a certain someone staggering around the Alamo amidst a torrential downpour so I’ll leave it to those guys to fill in the gaps.

Congratulations Eric and Sarah. We love you love you guys!

Another one bites the dust. Now here are the pictures from the ninjas’ point of view!

Help Us Fight Pediatric Cancer through Extra Life

July 21, 2009

tchpic1Salutations, I hope everyone is doing well,

As anyone who has been talking to me the last few weeks knows, I have been promoting Extra Life, a 24-hour gaming marathon to help raise money in support of The Texas Children’s Hospital to fight against pediatric cancer.   

We are currently looking for a location for the event and need your help in finding a venue for October 17.  If anyone has any connections or any knowledge on possible avenues to take to find a location, please contact us.  We are looking to hold a lock-in type event with the main activity being video games. This charity event is a one-night only event and we are willing to hold it in locations both large to small.  Any information on possible locations would be appreciated.

Also a note to all Houston area people, we will be holding a few information nights and fundraisers along the way before the Oct 17th event. We have one tentatively set for Aug 22nd at the CoffeeGroundz in Midtown Houston at 6pm. 

CoffeeGroundz is located 2503 Bagby Houston, TX 77006. Check out their site for more information. We would love if you joined us on that night to show your support.

To everyone else who are not in the Houston area, there are many ways to help out. You can sign up to participate and take part in your own gaming marathon. You will be participating with gamers all over the globe. We are always looking for more people to join us to take part in this noble cause.  When you do sign up, you will be given a fundraiser page to collect donations.

We are using social networking as a big tool to gain exposure and we will be using Twitter and Facebook to our advantage. Sponsorships are also greatly appreciated if you cannot participate directly. You may donate here.

Lets do our best, think big, and make an impact for The Texas Children’s Hospital.  If you have feedback or questions, contact me personally.  Also, please visit the site to find further information about opportunities with support and participation and also any other questions you may have concerning the event.


I hope this finds you well,

Allen Ragasa
Twitter – @takeorey
Phone: 281-686-4442

Paying It Forward – Healing and Helping Kids

July 16, 2009

holdemgroupWe at DNC worldwide recently announced our participation for the VCSA Casino Night Fundraiser this coming Saturday, July 18th at 7pm. By giving our support, we hope to do our part in helping the Hoang Nguyen Foundation meet its goal of helping the Vietnamese Culture and Science Association of Houston maintain its after-school tutors program. The VCSA has been able to secure $15,000 in grants thus far (from St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital) but needs another $15,000 to maintain operating costs for the remainder of the year. Let’s get them there by playing some poker and blackjack for a good cause (and some huge prizes) this Saturday at 7pm at Frank-N-Stein’s in Sugar Land!

After Casino Night, the next event we are throwing our support behind comes by way of very own Gamer Ninja, Allen Ragasa,  who is involved in another extremely non-profit by the name of Extra Life. Many of you have not met Allen but I can tell you from personal experience that he cares so much about giving back to the community, which is amongst the main criterion for being a ninja for DNC Worldwide. Besides that, he’ll kick your tail in just about every gaming system there is!

Anyways, he’s more information about Extra Life from Allen:


This year, we are taking part in a cancer fundraiser called Extra Life, which is a video-game marathon where we play games for 24 continuous hours to raise money for Pediatric Cancer and the Texas Children’s Hospital. Last year, gamers from the community I am involved with got together and, in one month, raised $120,000 for cancer research. This year, we have been given four months advance notice and we want to blow last year’s donations out of the water. So we are trying to think big and bad on how we can accomplish this.

More details on Extra Life as it comes. The event date is set and the gamer marathon will be taking place on October 17th in Houston, TX beginning at 8am until 8am the following day at a location yet-to-be-determined.

Here are some immediate ways you can contribute to the process:

  • There are a few locations being thrown around but the venue for Extra Life – Houston has not been set. Know of a location in Houston that could host a lock-in event of this magnitude? Please e-mail Allen details in terms of cost, etc.
  • Play video games? Consider yourself a hardcore gamer? Get in contact with our Gamer Ninja to see how you can play games for twenty-four straight hours… and actually do it for a good cause this time. 🙂

Supporting Casino Night on July 18th for VCSA After-School Tutors Program

July 13, 2009


As a sponsor of cultural diversity and educational initiatives, DNC Worldwide  is proud to support the Hoang Nguyen Foundation, founded by our friend Hai Nguyen. Named in honor of his father, who passed away after battling cancer in April 2002, this charitable organization will be hosting a VCSA fundraiser next Saturday, July 18th, 2009 that we should all make an effort to attend.

Proceeds from this ‘Casino Night’ charity event will go towards continuing an educational program for  needy children. By doing your part to parcticipate (and have fun while doing it), you can be a huge help in allowing these kids keep their after-school tutors. A very worthy cause indeed.

There are two ways to help out guys. First, you can buy in on one of three Texas Hold’em poker tournament tables. Buy-in ranges from $50, $100, and $500 and there  will be crresponding prizes for the winner of each table. Examples of prizes ro be awarded include $200 in Animal Fightwear clothing, a free 6-month memberships to Elite MMA (a $900 value) to a big-screen television. If you’re not into gambling, a tax-deductable donation may also be made directly to VCSA. Either way, you’re helping a good cause.


Date: Saturday, July 18, 2009
Time: 7:00 pm
Where: Frank-N-Stein’s Bar & Grill
Location: 9907 HW6 South, Sugarland, TX 77478
Phone: (281) 568-5593

More details by enlarging the flyer and also by reading the official press release via Hai Nguyen of the Hoang Nguyen Foundation and Anh Nguyen of VCSA.

Some Like It Hot 2009

June 20, 2009

The party on Lake Travis is 5 weeks away!!  Check out the Evite to RSVP and such.  Lets also start figuring out hotel situations.  Spread the word as the more the better.  This year we will have:

  • 1500 Jello Shots (see if they last more than 10 min this year)
  • Long Island Ice Tea,  Margaritas
  • Mexican Jolly Ranchers, Kamakazis
  • and of course lots and lots of beer for the 2 story beer bong!!

I look forward to seeing everyone on the Lake!!