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Usain Bolt – The Undisputed World’s Fastest Man

August 20, 2008

When I remember watching Michael Johnson break the 200m in the 1994 Olympics, never in my wildest dreams did I think that record of 19.32 would be broken. I was running track in middle school at the time and Michael Johnson, with his golden spikes, and 9.66 split time projected such an aura of invincibility. He was a hero for me, as he was for many other would-be track runners in America.

Flash forward a dozen years and here we are in Beijing, watching Usain Bolt run a blistering 19.30 and Michael Johnson’s record. Words cannot even express how impressive it is to me for one man to break BOTH the 100 and 200 world records in the same games. Usain Bolt also became the first man since Carl Lewis to win the sprint doubles. And so it is. This 6’5″ Jamaican prodigy is now the hero for the children of this generation, as Michael Johnson was mine.

The 21 year old lightning Bolt ran his ass off like he said he would. And into a headwind. Simply amazing.

Phelps is Aquaman: World Records, Gold Medals, and Olympic Glory

August 12, 2008

Currently, the US as a country has nine gold medals in the 2008 Summer Olympics. Five of those nine belong to US Golden Boy Michael Phelps. With winning his 10th and 11th Olympics medals this evening, Phelps now becomes the winningest Olympian EVER. And did I mention that he is a pefect 5 for 5 in setting world records in each of his events in Beijing? Sure looks like he’s becoming everything he was destined to be. He does Mark Spitz, Carl Lewis, and the rest of the country proud.

Wednesday’s performance included winning the 200-meter butterfly in the morning and following it up by swimming the lead-off leg of the US 800-meter freestyle relay team that set the world record time of 6 minutes, 58.56 seconds.

Congratulations Michael. You’ve now successfully swam into the collective heart of the American public.

“We will Smash the Americans” – Alain Bernard

August 11, 2008
Alain Bernard

Alain Bernard

Eat crow. That is what Alain Bernard, the French’s fastest swimmer and world record holder in the 100 meter freestyle, had to do last night after telling reporters that his favored French team would “smash” the Americans in the 4x100m.

Instead, the USA Men’s 4 X 100 freestyle relay swimming team did to the French what the US colonials did in Seven-Years War in 1773. Silence their arrogance. US swimmer Jason Lezak swam the fastest split in event history to clinch the Gold for the Americans. The team of Jones, Lezak, Phelps, and Garrett Weber-Gale won in a world-record time of 3 minutes 8.24 seconds.

This win keeps alive Michael Phelps’ dream of claiming eight medals in a single Olympics. That in and of itelf is sweet enough but nothing beats kicking a frenchman’s (or any other man’s) butt when he said you don’t have a chance in hell. Enjoy your crow Mr. Bernard.