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Georgia defeats Russia in Battle!

August 13, 2008

Georgia’s victory may not have been on the field of battle is a source on national pride nonetheless. I can’t even imagine how tense it was on the judo mats when Georgia’s Irakli Tsirekidze took on Russia’s Ivan Pershin in the 90kg middleweight Judo semi-finals. The end conclusion was a Georgian victory en route to their second Gold Medal in this year 2008’s Beijing Olympic games.





It is impressive that Tsirekidze and Pershin competed as their countries were in the midst of implementing a peace agreement for their little proxy war over the South Ossetia region. For Georgia, hopefully the two gold medals provided a little respite from their political affairs, of where the latest is alleged that the Russians are disregarding the cease-fire and moving towards the capital city of T’bilisi.

Ah well with politics… You can take away south Ossetia but you can’t take these medals away. And much like a rose… Victory by any other name is just as sweet!

Phelps is Aquaman: World Records, Gold Medals, and Olympic Glory

August 12, 2008

Currently, the US as a country has nine gold medals in the 2008 Summer Olympics. Five of those nine belong to US Golden Boy Michael Phelps. With winning his 10th and 11th Olympics medals this evening, Phelps now becomes the winningest Olympian EVER. And did I mention that he is a pefect 5 for 5 in setting world records in each of his events in Beijing? Sure looks like he’s becoming everything he was destined to be. He does Mark Spitz, Carl Lewis, and the rest of the country proud.

Wednesday’s performance included winning the 200-meter butterfly in the morning and following it up by swimming the lead-off leg of the US 800-meter freestyle relay team that set the world record time of 6 minutes, 58.56 seconds.

Congratulations Michael. You’ve now successfully swam into the collective heart of the American public.