“We will Smash the Americans” – Alain Bernard

Alain Bernard

Alain Bernard

Eat crow. That is what Alain Bernard, the French’s fastest swimmer and world record holder in the 100 meter freestyle, had to do last night after telling reporters that his favored French team would “smash” the Americans in the 4x100m.

Instead, the USA Men’s 4 X 100 freestyle relay swimming team did to the French what the US colonials did in Seven-Years War in 1773. Silence their arrogance. US swimmer Jason Lezak swam the fastest split in event history to clinch the Gold for the Americans. The team of Jones, Lezak, Phelps, and Garrett Weber-Gale won in a world-record time of 3 minutes 8.24 seconds.

This win keeps alive Michael Phelps’ dream of claiming eight medals in a single Olympics. That in and of itelf is sweet enough but nothing beats kicking a frenchman’s (or any other man’s) butt when he said you don’t have a chance in hell. Enjoy your crow Mr. Bernard.

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7 Comments on ““We will Smash the Americans” – Alain Bernard”

  1. bayareasportsguru Says:

    An awesome race and so glad that the anchor man could pound out the victory for U.S.A.! Instant classic!

  2. marcys Says:

    Like no American ever said such a thing. Francophobia is alive and well in the blogosphere, I see.

  3. Lilian Says:

    Francophobia ? I don’t think so! This has nothing to do with France. It’s about talking trash and eating CROW! Chill out…..

  4. david Says:

    francophobia is fear of the french….we dont fear them…we just BEAT THEM!

  5. Diego Says:

    Americans use doping. From Armstrong to Phelps to the MLB to Nfl. Cheaters

  6. aaron Says:

    doping? Americans? yeah right, why is that french guys body so big but head so small?
    side effects of something…

  7. brian Says:

    so typical of America, (and i can say this being american, sadly, that WE are the ones who has the ego problems.. we are ALWAYS the one who is soooo outspoken…we are the ones EVERYONE in the world hates because why? we go around with this hill billy attitude thinking we are number one! LOL and for what reason are we number one????? who the FUCK cares!!!!! simply just be a country…not FEEL like we have to OWN everyone… you know who is eating crow in the big picture!?!?!!? WE are…. the Americans…because we, AS TYPICAL Americans do, bought into Bush’s bullshit about “HEY attacking Iraq!” right after 9/11 and Iraq had NOOOTTTHHHHIIINNNGGGGG to do with 9/11…as a matter of fact… each of the terrorist who wrecked planes on our soil were,,, wait for it…. wait for it…. SAUDI ARABIAN!!!! AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW ( and the crown goes crazy!) LOL i say “you american twerps” separating myself from such stupidity, because now we are STILL in a financial crunch and a war we shouldn’t be in and who were the smart people to say NO to joining forces!!! That’s right people….THE FRENCH!!!! hey… so what if they talk smack about a fucking swim meet…we didn’t KICK THEIR ASS!!! people watch the race…i have it book marked.. i love lezak’s style of swim …so i watch it every night before my swim….we WON by a hands length…before that.. THEY WERE OWNING US!!!! in a major way… so yes.. they had every right to talk shit because their team was BAD ASS hands down…. and now… they told us no on the Iraq war and all the “TYPICAL” americans were steaming and whinning…guess who is financially broke now?!?!?!?! wait for it……wait for it….. A M E R I C A!!!!! not France 🙂 LOL you silly simple minded over egotistical Americans… pull your heads out of your asses…. go to France… go to Paris… meet the people there … or in Lille, or in Bordeaux….they will take you into their homes… feed you…give their shirts off their backs and call you one of their own…they are the sweetest people alive… and they love us… YET…come over here!!! and in the MEGA churches in Arkansas…those hypocrites are talking shit about the French and everyone who is NOT like them! LOL FEAR PEOPLE>. you all live in FEAR!!!! of nothing!! that’s what’s sad about you! LOL:)

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