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Lonestar Beatdown 4 and an Austin Vacation Weekend

July 17, 2008

We took an awesome vacation this weekend!

Well…. not quite THAT awesome but we did manage to party in four cities in one day!

From Lonestar in College Station to Houston to San Marcos to Austin to San Marcos to Houston!

You know there are people who always say they are tired of ‘the routine’ and are going to do something new crazy and exciting. Yet they usually end up doing the same old BS time after time after time…

And then those like us who just live in the moment and always have fun.

“You know we just don’t recognize the most significant moments of our lives while they’re happening. Back then I thought, well, there’ll be other days. I didn’t realize that; that was the only day.” – Field of Dreams

The weekend officially kicked off on Thursday with Joe Rogan’s stand up comedy show at Laffstop. He and The Amazing Racist were hilarious! And I guess we were too! By the time left that night, we had our very own fans thinking we were famous. LMAO @ silly starfucker girls! “Are you famous?” … lol.

Friday after a good day at work, my bro and I booked it to college station for Lonestar Beatdown. Little did we know that we were going to be the official timekeepers for the event. It definitely got really real when we got ringside and saw the cowbell, bullhorns, crowbars, and stopwatches. We did an A+ job, if I may say so myself. In any case, after 14 fights and several shots & beers afterward, we ended up tearing up Northgate until a pizza-devouring Eric Williams came by to collect his drunken students.

We stayed at the Hilton which seems like status quo for our out of town trips. Saturday morning was going to be sauna/hot tub relaxation time but we decided on going back to houston instead. We were back in town for a grand total of two hours. Just enough time to do laundry and pick up some stuff. Next thing you know and we were off to continue the mini-vacation weekend in San Marcos and Austin!

Saturday ended up being awesome also! Did the college thing. Saw a bunch of peeps we hadn’t seen in awhile. Adrian, Chris, Sam, Heather, Allison, Caitlyn, etc. etc. Everyone ending up driving to Austin where we met up with a bunch of people on 6th. street. After the Library, Aquarium, Moose Knuckle, and Maggie Mays, we ended out the night watching Bono in concert! I don’t even remember the ride back to San Marcos.

Anyways, back in Houston now. Going to end up the weekend with Sunday Funday Somewhere. Beautiful weather out….

Dungals 2008

July 17, 2008

FANTASIC job to the Elite MMA Competition Team at the Dungal World Championships in Pasadena. 1st, 2nd, and 4th place in the Absolutes as the very best in the tournament shows the level of training at our gym. My brother competed for the 1st time ever and got 2nd place. Jason, Hyper, Kevin, Frankie, etc. all medaled and did well. Anyways, pics below of the Dungal’s as well as the rest of last week.

pics from this past week

Wednesday – Kris and ?

Wild West – DNC Boys

Girls we stood up for 3am 59 Diner

Friday – George’s Pastaria w/ Lesli and Kris

Dungal World Championships

1st match ever

like a bear!

going for a rear naked choke

Kris won his 1st with a guillotine choke

Kris letting go after the tap

start of match

end of match ….triangle / 15 seconds

Kris controlling his 2nd match

Kevin winning his match outside

hot chick fight

gargantuan super heavyweight action

double leg

Frankie after his MFS battle

Kris after the finals with his bloody mouth

Me on the mat

Jason winning in the absolutes

Co-Champ: Hyper – Triangle

Co-Champ: Jason – Triangle

Elite MMA Competition Team

Renegades & Afterparty at Fix

July 17, 2008

Renegades on Saturday night was non-eventful. My hats off to Tim Snyder, who beat our man Steve Garcia for the featherweight title. No excuses from the boys at Elite MMA. Steve trained hard and was dictating the fight for the better part of 3 rounds but got caught with a well-placed left hook that hit on the button. What can you do you know? We as a group didn’t even stay for the rest of the event. In fact, I was bummed and didn’t event want to party at all at first. But well… let’s just say we mourned our loss at Fix.

‘Lonestar Beatdown 3’ Back in College Station

July 17, 2008

Wow, what a fun, frenzied, and furious weekend it has been so far!

After a very busy week, I hurried home to meet up with Andy & Spencer to head up to College Station for Lonestar Beatdown 3, promoted by Elite MMA and Mick Maynard. We ducked, dipped, and dodged our way through Houston rush hour traffic and got to College Station just in time to get to our posts. I had to role of guarding the blue corner and walking fighters to the ring. 15 fights, good friends, and a fun night taking over College Station..

Here are the pics from the night…