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Dungals 2008

July 17, 2008

FANTASIC job to the Elite MMA Competition Team at the Dungal World Championships in Pasadena. 1st, 2nd, and 4th place in the Absolutes as the very best in the tournament shows the level of training at our gym. My brother competed for the 1st time ever and got 2nd place. Jason, Hyper, Kevin, Frankie, etc. all medaled and did well. Anyways, pics below of the Dungal’s as well as the rest of last week.

pics from this past week

Wednesday – Kris and ?

Wild West – DNC Boys

Girls we stood up for 3am 59 Diner

Friday – George’s Pastaria w/ Lesli and Kris

Dungal World Championships

1st match ever

like a bear!

going for a rear naked choke

Kris won his 1st with a guillotine choke

Kris letting go after the tap

start of match

end of match ….triangle / 15 seconds

Kris controlling his 2nd match

Kevin winning his match outside

hot chick fight

gargantuan super heavyweight action

double leg

Frankie after his MFS battle

Kris after the finals with his bloody mouth

Me on the mat

Jason winning in the absolutes

Co-Champ: Hyper – Triangle

Co-Champ: Jason – Triangle

Elite MMA Competition Team