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MMA Pictures from Lonestar Beatdown 10 in Houston

June 6, 2009

Several of our DNC guys had a chance to participate in the USACA MMA event production of Lonestar Beatdown last evening at the Arena Theatre here in Houston. It was a terrific night of fights and results can be found on Highlights of the night included a near-brawl in the stands, a riveting 3-second knockout in the last fight of the evening, and a win by a ninja protege, Julian Vega. Julian trains under ninja Jordan Rivas out of Elite MMA Baytown aka “The Dirty Dirty Elite.” Good job to Julian, the two new champions Gilbert Jimenez & Jeremy Hontz, and the rest of the combatants who fought their tails off last night!

Pictures from Lonestar Beatdown 10

2009-06-05 20.34.14

DNC's @drewlock on Twitter & Official Scorekeeper

During the near fight in the stands

During the near fight in the stands

Hooters Ring Card Girls with the Lonestar Title

Hooters Ring Card Girls with the Lonestar Title

A 3-second KO

A 3-second KO


Artineas Young's Victory
Artineas Young’s Victory
Mick Maynard presenting LSBD title to Gilbert "Pitbull" Jimenez

Mick Maynard presenting LSBD title to Gilbert "Pitbull" Jimenez

Exciting fights!

Exciting fights!

Elite MMA's Julian Vega & Robert Yamashita plotting the afterparty

Elite MMA's Julian Vega & Robert Yamashita plotting the afterparty

2009-06-05 22.10.22

And the decision goes to...

LSBD 10 is in the books!

LSBD 10 is in the books!

Lonestar Beatdown 10 in Houston this Friday, June 5th

June 3, 2009


Lonestar Beatdown 10 is coming to Houston, TX this Friday, June 5th.

The card will be a strong one for the Arena Theatre crowd as LSBD has put together THREE title fights for this event. Plenty of ninjas will be on hand as officials for the event, which is sure to bring some fireworks. Elite MMA’s Julian Vega also makes his MMA debut against Vicente Gama of Rising Sun in a match that is a sure bet to NOT make it to the judges scorecards!

Ticket Information – There is literally not a single bad seat at the house at this venue and tickets are going quickly. You can still get yours at Doors open at 6:30pm and the fights start at 8pm.



Full Lonestar Beatdown 10 Fight Card

  • 145 USACA Title – Jeremy Hontz (Twin Wolves) vs. Dominic Rodriguez (4oz. fight club)
  • 155 USACA Title – Greg Bellomy (Gracie Barra) vs. Gilbert Jimenez (Powerhouse MMA)
  • 170 USACA Title – Kenny Burke (Westside MMA) vs. Nathan Schaefer (TX Gladiators)

Bobby Powers (B3 Sports) vs. Andy Sandoval (Death Row MMA)
Martin Garcia (Gracie Barra) vs. Ed Rosino (Bushi Ban)

Marcus Dupar (Rocky Long MMA) vs. Ben Oliver (Elite MMA)

Alex Black (Bushi Ban) vs. Mario Valenzuela (Sub Boxing)

Aaron Croon (Team Tooke) vs Arnold Gutierrez (Legion MMA)
Vicente Gama (Rising Sun Karate) vs. Julian Vega (Elite MMA Baytown)
Cesar Gonzales (Silverback MMA) vs. Waylon Ward (Kuk Sool Won)

Travis Moore (Twin Wolves) vs. Michael Szanyi (World Martial Arts)
Justin Murray (Bushi Ban) vs. Alex Morono (Gracie Barra Woodlands)
Dominik Bukovicky (Elite MMA) vs. Jeremy Morris (World Martial Arts)
George Cisneros (Team Martinez) vs. Mike Castillo (McCalls MMA)
Jonathon Harris (Sub Boxing) vs. Robert Ezzell (Bradford Combat Academy)

John Malbrough (UH MMA) vs. Matt Goss (Rising Sun Karate)

Jermaine Anugwom (AMMA) vs. Artineas Young (Hoger MMA)

Jayson Pilosi (BVMMA) vs. Tim Escobedo (Legion MMA)

*Fight card subject to change without notice

Winning Ninjas of November! (photos)

November 24, 2008

November 13th in Huntsville, in conjunction with USACA and Sigma Chi, Lonestar Beatdown threw their 7th successful event. Our very own John “Coconut” Alfeche stepped away with his first win in MMA competition.


Coconut w/ Elite cornermen


"to the victor go the spoils."

LSBD Officials before the fights

LSBD Officials before the fights

DNC Filipinos

DNC Filipinos

November 22nd – We officially celebrated Eric & Sarah’s engagement at the spot they first met @ Open City. Thanks to the couple for hosting family and close friends to an excellent time. The hour’derves and plethora of shots sure did a number on all of us.

bride and groom to be

bride and groom to be


"Smer!" - Fashion Statement by Dallas Mabry

Munveen makes an appearance on his own birthday!

Munveen makes an appearance on his own birthday!

Exclusive Christopher and Gustavo sighting.

Exclusive Christopher and Gustavo sighting.

1st Matt. Now its Eric. Eddie must be next.

1st Matt. Now its Eric. Eddie must be next.

we all fall down sometimes.

we all fall down sometimes. a true ninjas always gets back up.

Papparazi shot on the couple as the nights winds to a close.

Papparazi shot on the couple as the nights winds to a close.

Fights and Fun in College Station

October 6, 2008

Lonestar Beatdown 6 Results

170- Title – Kenny Burke vs. Justin Reiswerg
135 -Title – Andy Sandoval vs. Lance Schilling
170 – Frost Murphy vs. David Goolsby
155 – Jeremy Hontz vs. Justin Sitz
145 – Eric Hendon vs. Will Mathis
185 – Matt Steward vs. Brian Daricek
170 – Eric Brigman vs. William Michael Jackson
185 – Jon Pierre vs. Matt Goss
170 – Jordan Rivas vs. Brian Melancon
155 – Justin Harper vs. Derek Campos
125 – Barry Burdett vs. Joe Cruz

Weekend Recap

The juice is always worth the squeeze when it comes to promoting fight events in College Station. The Aggies love a good fight. This was not only evident by yet another successful Lonestar Beatdown, but also the stories that came out of this past weekend. Interesting is the word I’d use to define the crazy debauchery that marked our crazy times in CS. We saw a drunken kid in handcuffs running away from BCS police. We also saw BCS cops pepper-spray Hookah Station. And that was only the beginning.

It started out so innocently as a few of the guys and I hit up northgate after loading up on carbs at Olive Garden on Friday. The great thing about College Station is that drinks are phenomenally cheap. This explains how we drank shots at practically every bar in northgate. By the end of the night, we were hanging over Logan’s porch, hollering at every girl who was unlucky enough to walk by.

Saturday morning was the time to set up at TX Hall of Fame. That was a breeze with all the awesome Elite MMA volunteers. With lots of fighters, fans, and officials staying at College Station Inn we had an opportunity to chill and relax before what would be a crazy Saturday night of fights and drinks.

Lonestar Beatdown 6 was an awesome night of action that saw everyone from home team (Elite MMA – Westheimer) win. Frost “the Ice Pick” Murphy molested his opponent into victory by doing whatever he wanted including a rolling kneebar attempt and a mounted-triangle with a side of ground and pound. Jon Pierre gave his guy some brutal leg kicks in his win.  And Jordan Rivas fought through a very game opponent who hit like a truck en route to a split decision victory.

All in all, crazy good times. Most exhausting weekend ever.

Pics coming soon.

Lonestar Beatdown THIS Saturday – October 4th!

September 30, 2008

The 6th Lonestar Beatdown is returning to the Bryan/College Station area on Saturday, October 4th and will be held at the famous Texas Hall of Fame!

Texas Hall of Fame
649 N. Harvey Mitchell Pkwy.
Bryan, TX 77803
(979) 822-2222


CLICK HERE to buy your tickets now!

VIP Tables available by calling: 979-696-3971 ext. 702!



Tickets also available at Tradition’s Bookstore and Cavender’s!

Houston BJJ Championships

July 28, 2008

Good afternoon everyone… how’s the work day treating you?  I for one accomplished my most productive task of the day when I visited my mother’s house for lunch and hand washed my car.  Not bad for a Monday work day huh?  Now to the topic of this post which is the Houston Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships that was held on July 26th at Legends Sports Complex.

First off, I have to congratulate those who won and those who competed for there were some hard fought matches.  Competitors from Elite included Jason Soliz, Elliott, Frankie, John Pierre, Pilot Joe and myself.  Now I’ve only competed in one other tournament (Dungals ’08) but with that as a reference and with the opinions of other grapplers there I can safely state that the tourney was poorly ran.  For instance, stopping a division and starting another in the same mat space to finish the division at a later time is just plain idiocracy.  To have grapplers warm up/cool down all day long is just ridicolous but that is no excuse for any one of us but just more of a nuissance.  Now that I got that out, a recap of my matches and the lessons learned.  Videos to follow.

First match started right off the bat following the singing of the national anthem which shocked the whole division since it is a general thought that the kids started first.  Warm/Cold we rolled nonetheless and the match summed up with me going for 3-4 submission attempts while my opponent won on points.  Lesson learned, get back to Fundamentals!!!  2nd match went well with me winning via points.  3rd match lost by submission to the guy that won the white absolute division.  My one match in No-Gi was a dissapointment due to inactivity on my end.  I was at the bottom of half guard throughout the match and didn’t work hard enough to win. LESSON BEING TRAIN HARDER and with more emphasis on points and guard work.  Here are some pics of me from the tourney (thanks Frankie!)

Lonestar Beatdown 4 and an Austin Vacation Weekend

July 17, 2008

We took an awesome vacation this weekend!

Well…. not quite THAT awesome but we did manage to party in four cities in one day!

From Lonestar in College Station to Houston to San Marcos to Austin to San Marcos to Houston!

You know there are people who always say they are tired of ‘the routine’ and are going to do something new crazy and exciting. Yet they usually end up doing the same old BS time after time after time…

And then those like us who just live in the moment and always have fun.

“You know we just don’t recognize the most significant moments of our lives while they’re happening. Back then I thought, well, there’ll be other days. I didn’t realize that; that was the only day.” – Field of Dreams

The weekend officially kicked off on Thursday with Joe Rogan’s stand up comedy show at Laffstop. He and The Amazing Racist were hilarious! And I guess we were too! By the time left that night, we had our very own fans thinking we were famous. LMAO @ silly starfucker girls! “Are you famous?” … lol.

Friday after a good day at work, my bro and I booked it to college station for Lonestar Beatdown. Little did we know that we were going to be the official timekeepers for the event. It definitely got really real when we got ringside and saw the cowbell, bullhorns, crowbars, and stopwatches. We did an A+ job, if I may say so myself. In any case, after 14 fights and several shots & beers afterward, we ended up tearing up Northgate until a pizza-devouring Eric Williams came by to collect his drunken students.

We stayed at the Hilton which seems like status quo for our out of town trips. Saturday morning was going to be sauna/hot tub relaxation time but we decided on going back to houston instead. We were back in town for a grand total of two hours. Just enough time to do laundry and pick up some stuff. Next thing you know and we were off to continue the mini-vacation weekend in San Marcos and Austin!

Saturday ended up being awesome also! Did the college thing. Saw a bunch of peeps we hadn’t seen in awhile. Adrian, Chris, Sam, Heather, Allison, Caitlyn, etc. etc. Everyone ending up driving to Austin where we met up with a bunch of people on 6th. street. After the Library, Aquarium, Moose Knuckle, and Maggie Mays, we ended out the night watching Bono in concert! I don’t even remember the ride back to San Marcos.

Anyways, back in Houston now. Going to end up the weekend with Sunday Funday Somewhere. Beautiful weather out….