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Twitter and Facebook Attacked – Hackers Flood, Cripple Popular Social Networking Services

August 6, 2009

failwhaleAugust 6, 2009 – Popular social-networking sites Twitter AND Facebook were working feverishly this morning to defend their critical servers from Denial-of-service attacks that have nearly crippled the popular social networking sites. For those that don’t know what these DOS Attacks are, they are the same type of cybercrime perpetrated last month against several major government websites of both the US and South Korea. Investigation is on-going to find those responsible for that one as well.

CERT defines a “denial-of-service” attack as “characterized by an explicit attempt by attackers to prevent legitimate users of a service from using that service.” Basically, what hackers do is “flood” the network servers for a website to block legitimate traffic from getting trough. There intrusions prevent anyone, and in the case of Twitter this am, everyone, access to the websites.

Popular websites have been affected by these types of attacks in the recent past as well. Torrent & file-sharing site Pirate Bay was downed by a similar attack after the owners sold the site to Global Gaming Factory amidst mounting litigation and legal problems earlier in 2009.

Outside of the attacks on US and South Korea, even those governments virtually shut off from the rest of the world have been affected also. During the 2009 Iranian Election Protests, Iran’s official website was attacked and down as well by a similar intrusion.

In today’s attack, Twitter was affected by about 3 hours of total downtime. Facebook has fared a little better, with users being able to access the service but being hit with a plethora of error messages and a denial of some of the site’s features. Time will tell when everything gets back to normal for both sites.

The net effect of today’s attacks should be telling. For the social-networking giants, this should bring attention to increased security in order to prevent this type of malicious intrusion from affecting their services in the future. For users, this will shed to light the crack-like dependency we have to social networking in this day and age. And somewhere in America, there is a grandma somewhere watching her daytime soaps on television that has no idea anything bad has happened.

Ever Wanted to Visit China? Go Tour-ING With Our Newest Ninja – Doug Ma!

May 20, 2009

Fellow Ninjas,

I’d like to welcome Doug Ma, a good friend of mine since our high school days, to the DNC Worldwide family. Doug embodies the DNC philosophy in that he has worked hard to be successful scholastically and professionally while maintaining a foothold on his dreams. Starting out at UT-Austin, Doug was a Chapter President for his fraternity, Lambda Phi Epson, before graduating with his BS in Finance. He then landed a job on Wall Street, where he worked for several years before deciding it was the right time to pursue the adventure of a lifetime.

Doug now lives in Beijing China where he runs a company, Go Tour-ING, which specializes in tours of the fast-developing and visually-stunning nation. He wanted me to pass along the message that if any of you are interested in visiting the far east, he would be delighted to welcome you with open arms and Go Tour-ING would be an easy way to create the experience of a lifetime.

Company Profile:

Go Tour-ING is a new tour operating company that specializes in organized tours in China centered around sightseeing, networking and partying for people aged 21-35.  The company was founded by two ex-finance workaholics who traded in their cubicles in order to pursue their interests in traveling.

Please check out their website  for more information about their tours and their departure dates. You may also join our Facebook fan page for the latest in updates and media.

So what are you waiting for?  Go Tour-ing with us!


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Doug Ma is graduate of the University of Texas-Austin holding a BBA in Finance and currently lives in Beijing, China. After school, he worked on Wall Street for a couple of years before he decided to leave his job and travel the world. His journeys led him to China where he co-founded Go Tour-ING, Taking experiences from all his travels, he wanted to create tours that centered on sight seeing, networking, and partying for travelers aged 21-35. Besides traveling, Doug enjoys watching MMA, playing sports, and trying out new things.

Ari Gold and Networking Advice for the Real World

November 1, 2008

Did anyone catch last week’s episode of Entourage? If you did not yet but intend to, STOP reading. Spoilers below.

Entourage Spoiler Warning

In this episode Ari Gold wrestles with the decision of whether to take a lucrative job offer to become the head of a major studio. Long story short, he decides NOT to take the offer. But instead of rejecting it outright, he goes to the Board and recommends Dana Gordon, a colleague and personal friend of Ari’s who wanted the job the most anyway. Dana takes the job, offers Ari a nice rub-n-tug and also promises Vince a movie to land him back on top, which is what Ari wanted all along. Perfect. “You scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours.”

The episode shows some great insight on the almost-nepotistic rule of law in Hollywood.

Now let me offer some insight of my own. For both the movie business AND real life for us common folks, the same saying holds true. “Its not just what you, but who you know.” hence it’s crucially important to know how to network and maintain a good reputation.

Top Five Pieces of Advice for Networking and Reputation Management

1. Follow the Golden Rule – do unto other as you would have done to you. What I mean is that we must pay special attention to the bridges we build and the bridges we burn. Life has a funny way of coming full circle. Even if your decisions don’t bite you directly in the ass immediately, they will still residual impact on your reputation.

2. Rome Wasn’t Built in a Day – But it could potentially be destroyed in one – like natural disaster, demerits on your stature and reputation with others hang on a very tenuous thread. Reputations take a long time of steady recognition and social proofing to build. Yet they can be wrecked by isolated incidents. Hence it’s crucially important to consider the implications of your actions. Step back and weigh everything from a vantage point other than your own as much as possible.

3. You are who your Friends are – My father said this so often in my adolescence that I never forgot it, despite the fact that I didn’t fully comprehend his advice at the time. Looking back, what he meant is that everything in this world is not about you and only you. People will associate who you are based on the circles you are in. Relationships with the right people have a way of pulling your own stature up while others have a way of dragging you down. If you hang out with nothing but drunks, chances are good that you may be one too. If you spend time talking business with friends, chances are that you’re probably entrepreneurial yourself. Or you could all be drunken business owners. I don’t know.

4. Cultivate the Habit of Proper Etiquette – Common courtesies, even with yourself, matter a great deal. These are not acts but habits. Knowing good table manners, how to be appropriate on a golf course, and maintaining consideration matter in this world. It’s synonymous with “having class.” And thus it separates you from the rest of the uncultured masses. For more info, look up the definition of the world “gentleman” in the dictionary.

5. Get Good at Remembering Faces and Names – it only takes one introduction to ‘know’ somebody. And yet if you forget these interactions, the people you once met will go back into the unidentified populous. That is such a waste. To get really good at networking you have to pay attention to this type of stuff. Someone saying “I’m bad with names” is really saying they didn’t take the time and consideration to remember the person. Make it a point to say someone’s name a few times when you first meet then. That will go a long way in not only improving your memory but also your network of friends and business acquaintances.