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Community Project with the Aids Foundation of Houston

June 14, 2010

Copy of my recent blog post for Noah’s Kitchen

This past Sunday we had the opportunity to work with some very awesome kids via theAids Foundation of Houston as part of their Universal Teen Leadership Forum. The goal for the Universal Teen Leadership program is to assist participants in transitioning from adolescence to adulthood as self-reliant, successful, informed individuals. Many of the kids we worked with are graduates of Camp HOPE, which began in 1996 and is the first summer camp designed specifically for children ages 7-15 with HIV/AIDS in Texas.

Sunday’s community outreach program with these kids was part of their curriculum that dealt with giving. They were able to accomplish that by making and distributing meals to the homeless is three areas in downtown Houston. It was hope that by accomplishing this mission, the children would not only feel empowered to help themselves and others, but also see life from the perspective that the glass is half full, never half empty, and can always have meaning.

Thank you to Courtenay Siegfried and Mark Cohen of AF Houston for bringing these awesome and kind-hearted kids out to work with Amber, Candace, Denise, and myself. I hope the work we did together had as much of an impact on them as it did with us. I know their courage certainly resonated with me and I will take our shared experience through for a lifetime.

Below is the video I made of what we were able to accomplish on Sunday.

Feeding Houston with Noah’s Kitchen

April 18, 2010

Good job to everyone who volunteered with Noah’s Kitchen this morning. In just a few short hours, we were able to put together and distribute 210 meals to the Houston homeless! I don’t know about you guys but I don’t think that is bad at all for a rainy Sunday afternoon. 🙂

Special thanks to Amber, Jennifer, and Candice of Noah’s Kitchen for putting this project together and allowing us all to contribute.  To the  DNC’s own Eddie, Gustavo, and Angela, thanks for contributing despite short-notice.  Thanks to Barry Laminack from for taking the time to give back to the community. Thanks to the rest of the volunteers as well. Very nice to do some good and meet all of you!

Noah’s Kitchen – Volunteer Slideshow – April 18, 2009

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DNC Worldwide’s Top Spring Tips for Life (and some news too!)

April 7, 2009


From the famous cherry blossoms in our nation’s capital to cleaning out the mess in your home, springtime marks new beginnings. In 2009, the significance of this season’s meaning couldn’t have a more beautiful effect. From new ninjas to new jobs to new additions to our own families, it sure seems like everything is blooming for the DNC. But before we get to that, here are some tips to make your life worth living this spring!

DNC Worldwide’s Top 10 Spring Tips for Life

  1. Buy some new clothes for the season!– Throw out everything in your closet you haven’t worn in the past six months and get some new warm weather wear in there! You might have some separate anxiety at first but the new wardrobe will help you get over it!
  2. Start a journal! – Fill it with your dreams and aspirations. Whether its significant or not, write it down! Remember, all great actions begin with your commitment to a single idea! This applies to all aspects of your life.
  3. Begin a new hobby or get back to an old one!– For DNC Westchase, this means volleyball games, more trips to the gym, and Sunday BBQ’s. Spring is an excellent time for golf as well. Wherever your interests lie, there is nothing like beginning something to new to refresh and make you feel alive!
  4.  Do some spring cleaning! – I don’t mean the manual labor kind. Decluttering has creedence also but what I mean is to discard old habits, things, and people that don’t contribute to your overall well being. Anything that doesn’t pull you up only weighs you down!
  5.  Volunteer for a cause!– Accomplishment is your gateway to fulfillment. Some of our ninjas like Eddie Corrin volunteer at hospices around Houston on weekends. You don’t have to do the same thing but there are plenty of activities you can participate in that will help your friends, family, and community out. These things not only help other people but help give you happiness as well.
  6.  Take at least one vacation! – You don’t have to take all two of your weeks at work either. Wherever you are, there must be plenty of places near you where you can take a weekend to go relax.
  7.  Take advantage of the nice weather!– Whether you like jogging, riding a bike, or flying kites, there are plenty of outdoor activities that could provide you a healthy dose of sunshine. And if you’re not the active type, grab a good book and head to a park near you. And if you don’t know how to read, grab your pet or someone else’s and take a trip to the dog park. Just don’t spend the days cooped up indoors. That’s a waste!
  8.  Buy some flowers! – Nothing will bring the sense of spring into your home like some fresh flowers. I know this seems insignificant, especially for you bachelors out there,but it really makes a huge difference! Heck it might even impress your dates more than that dusty X-Box you keep on your floor.
  9.  Enjoy yourself at outdoor festivals!– Here in Houston, we have several coming up. The International Festival and the Texas Crawfish and Music Festival are right around the corner. Check them out and have a good time!
  10.  Make your modeling or acting debut! – Take lots of pictures and/or shoot videos whenever you are having a great time with friends! Make these cherished memories last forever! 
 Bonus: Listen to some Richard Cheese! If you haven’t heard of him, you’ll love me for introducing you to him! Special Thanks for Boss Ninja for the tip!

DNC Worldwide News for April 2009


  •  New seasons and new beginnings also means new ninjas as well! Most recently, Drew Lockwood and JR Casimiro joined the fold as full-time flag bearers for the DNC. Gentlemen, you’re pledge-ship is over and you guys are now bonefide! Congrats men! You’ve earned it!
  •  Last month you heard the saga of Jino’s tense waiting on the status of his graduate school applications. No cause for concern was needed because he got invited to every school he applied to. And now he’s made his decision. Starting this fall, our very own Magneto Manalo will begin his graduate studies at Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies! And not only that but Jino is currently preparing for his MMA fight debut for Lonestar Beatdown at Elite MMA. Jino certainly plans on kicking life’s ass from here on out!
  •  Christopher Reinig was back in Houston from Paris for a quick vacationwith his ninja brethren during the beginning of April.  In the past year, this man has been based in Abu Dhabi, UAE to Paris, France yet he has managed to stay connected through and through. Always good to see my brother from another mother come home.
  •  Spring fever is in the air! This means DNC Spring Break 2009! In a few weeks, we’ll be taking a weekend getaway trip to the Hideout on the Horseshoe on Lake Guadalupe for a weekend of sun, fun, rest, and relaxation  for our closest and most loyal friends.
 That’s it for now guys. Joie de vivre to everyone! – Ninja