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Our Top 10 Top Ten Lists

May 29, 2009


From David Letterman to your Wayne & Garth, everybody loves reading Top 10 Lists! We discover the neatest and weirdest facts on these gems. So without further adieu, I give you our top ten… Top 10 lists on the web.

  1. Top 10 Free Time Wasting Sites on the Net
  2. Top 10 Moments Caught on Google Maps Street View 
  3. The FBI’s Tope 10 Most Wanted Fugitives 
  4. Top 10 Scientific Breakthroughs of 2008   
  5. Top 10 Skills to Master Your Grill  
  6. The Top 10 Most Fascinating Urinals
  7. Top 10 Deadliest Animals  
  8. Top 10 Strangest Lego Creations  
  9. TOP 10 Shirts To Get Arrested In  
  10. Top 10 YouTube Videos of All Time

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America’s Top 10 Greatest Sandwiches

May 14, 2009
  1. Grilled Lobster and Cheese (Hartford, CT) – A heaping portion of fresh water lobster tossed in buttery havarti and pressed in between grilled toast, this sandwich is a northeastern tradition. Visit Abbott’s in Noank, CT!
  2. Po’Boy (New Orleans, LA) – Originally concocted as a quickly-made sandwich to feed the poor boys of the city, the Po’Boy has become an institution for the jazziest city in the south. Made on Louisiana-style baguette bread and layered with southern favorites like fried calamari, shrimp, oysters, and catfish, this sandwich has become a favorite of poor and rich boys alike. Visit Domilise’s Po-Boys in NOLA.
  3. Banh Mi (Houston, TX) – Few cultures have as distinctive a style of BBQ pork as the Vietnamese, who serve this affordable sandwich (usually under $3) on baguette bread with shredded carrots, onions, jalapenos, and cilantro. So simple yet oh so good. Best Banh Mi in Houston? Also try Lee’s Sandwiches.
  4. Pulled Pork Sandwich (The Carolinas) – Imagine a pork shoulder rubbed with seasoning and smoked with patience until it’s so tender that it can be pulled apart by hand. Put the meat on a plain white bun and what you have is North and South Carolina’s answer to any sandwich competition. Check out Bluesmoke BBQ.
  5. The Cuban Sandwich (Miami, FL) – Place slow-cooked pork on baguette bread and add garlicky mayonnaise, cilantro, jalapenos, and the true secret, caramelized onions, and you’ll get a feel for eats from a nation famous for its cigars. Try 3guysfromMiami.
  6. Monte Cristo (Los Angeles, CA) – Originating from inside Anaheim’s Disneyland and the Pirates of Caribbean ride, this battered behemoth is one of the guiltiest pleasures I’ve ever tried. Turkey, ham, and Swiss is dipped in batter and grilled like French toast before a sprinkling of powdered sugar, the Monte Cristo is served with strawberry jam – further reminding you that being unhealthy can also be fun!
  7. Club Sandwich (Las Vegas, NV) – Few club sandwiches are piled higher than those made in Vegas casinos. These creations are turkey BLT’s on toasted bread can only be held together by toothpicks. You’ll need a mouth the size of Joan River’s to actually succeed in taking a full bite of one of these things!
  8. Philly Cheese Steak (Philadelphia, PA) – The original “Philly” is made of thinly sliced pieces of steak and melted cheese on a hoagie roll. Sold at hot dog stands all across the city, the authentic version comes with cheek whiz or provolone cheese as opposed to the Swiss served elsewhere. Start at the Philly Cheesesteak Company.
  9. Authentic New York  KosherDeli Sub (New York City, NY) – Ordering a sub from a NYC deli is as a cry from your typical $5 foot long as you can get. The thick cuts of meat are not pre-prepared, but go through the meat grinder as you order, creating the freshest and heartiest of deli sandwiches. My favorite – Turkey & roast beef on rye with a nice smear of mustard. Doesn’t get any better than that. Katz’s never closes!
  10. Fat Sandwiches (New Brunswick, NJ) – If you’ve never heard of fat sandwiches, and you should have, then you’re in for one hell of a surprise. These Rutgers inspired creations throw everything but the kitchens sink into a hoagie roll. Imagine gyro meat, steak, chicken tenders, French fries, bacon, cheese sticks, jalapenos, and much more on ONE sandwich. Now that’s a sandwich only a fatty could love! Find more at