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Becoming a Dad – Ninja Dagger Hormones

May 18, 2009

11 weeks and 6 days complete.

28 weeks and 1 day left.


Becoming a Dad – Part One

Tomorrow marks the 12th week of mommy-to-be’s pregnancy which I believe is the beginning of the 2nd trimester!

I’m excited because everything I’ve read so far has told me that the second trimester will be a little easier on us that the first. Now I don’t know if it’s true that the nausea goes away or any of the other pregnancy pains will leave but I sure hope so if it’ll make things easier. I’m also looking forward to a little bit of calming down as far as external stresses go. From settling into the pregnancy to going through a flood disaster that claimed her car, we’ve gone through some tests in the past few months. And did I mention we spent all of this past weekend hard at work moving into our townhome? All this activity and adversity has done nothing to lessen our stress levels in the least!

Speaking of which, I’ve noticed in the past two months we’ve argued more than we ever did. Despite trying really hard, sometimes I just feel like I can’t get anything right. I asked other couples that have gone through the first-time experience about this and everyone says  this feeling is normal. Well what the heck is normal? “Pregnancy hormones” they said.  So there, I had something to blame and blame I have. BUT after the same issues kept coming up I realized that I better stop being stubborn and start paying attention and listening to the content of the messages and not just how they are thrown at me like ninja daggers from Shinobi. We still go through this but I think I’m growing as a person and she’s making an effort to be less assassin-like with her words. Ha! It’s not THAT bad but I am making a point here.

Now that we’re entering the second trimester, my main concern is less about hormones and my  personal needs, still about taking care of business, and more about making the future-wife happy. After all, happy mommy makes for happy baby right? And happy mommy and happy baby will make for a happy daddy! I’m sure that’s all I’ll need. Now if I could only get through these damn sympathy pains…. Aww geez, why do I have to be the super-sensitive one?!?!