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Random Austin Trip and Tailgate at Bobcat Stadium

August 31, 2008

Written drunk on blackberry on way home…

Its funny how whimsical decisions seems to work… I never know what to expect. Like the spontaneous feeling that compelled me to head out of town with Kris on Friday night. A fun-filled 24 hours later and the yearning to feel the comfort of our own beds got us back as quickly as we left.

A Shotgun Vacation

Kris and I didn’t leave Houston until about 8:30 Friday night. Well… We left at 7:30 but I forgot shoes so we came back and took another hour to go in earnest. We practically left twice after not having planned to leave at all. Good one eh?

Determined like a baby sea turtle heading into the ocean, we drove from Houston straight into downtown Austin to meet up on the roof of Union Park on West 6th. I particularly love this part of Austin, which has more of a post-grad midtown feel to it.

Union Park was alright. Corey and Brandon had a reserved section with bottles service and the weather wasn’t too bad. After a full night of people watching and snickering at the whole ‘crazy girl flips out’ thing that Corey had to go through (always happens) , we ended up hastily driving off to party in San Marcos instead of staying in Austin like planned. Well worth it. Laughed  our asses off over at Luis’ place until we couldn’t take it anymore and passed out around 5am.

This all seemed so continuous really… waking up and realizing that there is no rest for the weary. We snatched Adrian from the jaws of sleep immediately after we got up at noon so we could go straight to tailgate.

First game of the season and rush week made it a lively time at Bobcat Stadium… Reckless Kelly and a few other bands played the stage. You could smell the BBQ from a mile away. And for us, beer pong and flip cup ruled the afternoon. Five hours of jovial drinking in the sun will take it out of you. We barely managed to make it to Zach’s in one piece before we stubbornly got even more retarded in the late afternoon.

And so we sit here a few hours later, cat nap complete and blasting loud music on a dark country road trailblazing our way back to Houston as fast as we left it. Maybe we can rouse the roommates for some late-night drinking when we get back. Or do we ass out early from the equivalent of beer bonging an entire weekend instead of enjoying it slowly.

Ah well. Big day tomorrow. Bigger day Monday. And no work in sight.

This sabbatical could get interesting.

Artsy Chick reading Ophelia, Life Lessons, and College Parties

August 27, 2008

Spontaneity is the key to the good life. In keeping with that mantra, this past weekend couldn’t have went any differently than planned.

Last Concert Cafe and Flying Saucer on Friday brought about an almost-fight, a political disagreement, and getting booted from a hippie bar… All in 5 minutes. Who gets booted from a hippie bar? Much like the other eternal youth of lore, Peter Pan, someone has a shadow named trouble that follows him around like Mr. Magoo’s raincloud! Time for DNC Etiquette Boot Camp! LOL! It really wasn’t as dramatic as it sounds and we had a good time welcoming Chad Kight to his 29th year on earth. Lots and lots of alcohol.

Saturday morning, Chad (birthday boy), Kris, Lauren, and I took off to San Marcos for an impromptu whatever lets-just-get-out-of-town type of trip. Rolling right down I-35 and landing at the Exchange pool, we met some pretty interesting people. Hippy Volleyballers, a cute girl named Virginia reading Ophelia, an angry chihuahua, and old friends…. And afterwards? Jessica Hemmingway’s for some chill time with her and roommates. Dinner at River Pub followed by the Square rounded it out. Ran into @MoVelez and friends outside Nephews. Weird. You run into the coolest of people in the strangest of places.

Late night, Lauren decided against going to the foam party with us at the PiKapp’s new house. Too bad. Outside of the foam-covered slippery dirty ground, we had a good time. Kris is a well-known alumni so he had a million people running up to party with him. I could go through the whole thing but it all ended with about 20 of us crammed in a smokey room with Jessica, dressed like Angela Jolie in Mr.  Mrs. Smith, dancing on the coffee table. Let’s just leave it at that. Ahh, miss college.

Above and beyond anything else, the absolute coolest part of the weekend was outside the PiKapp house at the end of the night, about 4am. There were about ten people outside, eight of which could play guitar. So an instantaneous jam session just kind of happened. Next thing we know it and we’re all jamming and singing Jack Johnson into the country air. Hard to describe but definitely an awesome moment. And Sienna’s Jewel A Capella was equally awesome.

Goes to show – the moral of this weekend is that you have to enjoy life as it comes. You’re not gonna get the time back. You can go on and make millions and millions of dollars, start a family, etc. etc. and yet you may still find yourself trying to fill the voids of your early adulthood but WAY too late. Is it really the same? It’s like a crackhead chasing that first high. Simply a temporary fix.

Enjoy life NOW while it’s all still relevant and you still have the time.

In honor of this weekend, and life in general, here are some links to Jack Johnson MP3’s. Play. Download. Do as you wish.

Good Weekend. BTW – Watch out for that karma guys. Apparently it gives you bronchitis.