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Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Eric Prudhomme on getting married this past weekend!

October 5, 2009

Eric and Sarah’s beautiful wedding took place at Hotel Valencia in San Antonio, TX this past October 3rd with close friends, family, and some of the old school ninjas present to wish the beautiful couple well.

Below is a short description of what the wedding was like.

DSC04593Our group of 8 caravan’d over to the San Antonio River Walk’s Hotel Valencia around 7pm. We met the groom and some of his family at the cocktail lounge for drinks and conversation. After a few rounds, we were led up to the 3rd floor courtyard where the wedding was to take place. From the chairs and  flower petals to a fire fountain as the backdrop to the altar, the ambience at the ceremony was amazing.  The whole scene was chique yet intimate at the same time.

With about fifty guests present, the wedding had a very cozy feel. Sarah looked beautiful in her dress. You could see the glow on Eric’s face even before she walked down the aisle. He was lit up with excitement (cheesy grin, ear to ear) throughout their vows and Sarah was bursting with excitement as she proclaimed “absolutely!” in response to their pastor asking if she would take Eric to be her husband. From there, Eric was very ninja as he dipped her for their first kiss as man and wife.

After the ceremony, the guests were led to the outdoor patio for a cocktail hour (open bar!) while the wedding party took pictures. The patio overlooked the  famed River Walk and was an excellent spot to mingle and chat with friends, albeit the rain that drizzled down towards the end. It was actually perfect timing because as the rain started coming down in earnest, it was time for the reception.

Speaking of which, that was absolutely fantastic. The dim lighting coupled with the rose petals adored on the tables and the other decor really set the mood. Someone remarked that the hotel (and reception) were very True Blood-esque and that was definitely true in the sense that the whole engagement was set in style. Substance matched that in the crab cakes, NY strip steaks, crab bisque, and rest of the food which was amazing. The cocktail shots and drinks coupled with dance floor completely sealed it up for what I would say was an marvelous wedding for a similarly perfect couple.

The rest of the evening is a blur of Kris dancing with lovely old ladies and a certain someone staggering around the Alamo amidst a torrential downpour so I’ll leave it to those guys to fill in the gaps.

Congratulations Eric and Sarah. We love you love you guys!

Another one bites the dust. Now here are the pictures from the ninjas’ point of view!

Becoming a Dad – Labor Day Getaway

September 7, 2009

I’m not good at surprises.

Hence, it was a challenge for me to keep plans for Labor Day Weekend secret from Mom-to-Be. Nothing too fancy but I decided to take her to San Antonio for the weekend. One of the main reasons was to enjoy the River Walk, visit the Alamo, etc. but the main thing I wanted to do was just take her away for the weekend.

Just the two of us. Enjoying each other’s company.

And you know what? Despite the fact that we stopped a bunch of times along the way… Despite the fact that all the walking was highly uncomfortable for the both of us… And despite the fact that a sweet old lady rear-ended my brand-new car while I followed Megan and her Aunt to lunch… It was all worth it.

Well… except for the car part. That continues to sting. I hadn’t even put my new plates on the car yet. *sniffle* But thank God it’s minor. I think I can fix the damage.

The best part of the trip wasn’t the Alamo, nor the Riverwalk, or any of the other tourist-like activities…. What I enjoyed most was the process. Like driving down I-10 with a keen eye for cool small towns, interesting markets, and of course Buc-ee’s for beef jerky. That was the most fun of the whole trip. Doing all the simple things, just Megan and I.

I guess this trip was like a microcosm for how I’m experiencing this whole pregnancy.

We have a baby coming in about 12 weeks now. While I continue to plan and look ahead, I’m also enjoying every moment while it lasts. Just me and Megan. Handling every challenge that comes our way. Enjoying every minute we have together before the infamous “and then there were three.”

It’s funny… She thinks I neglect her sometimes…. I have NO CLUE why. because little does she know that she and our son are already the most important parts of my life. The journey that we’re on… Even though we’ll always say the best part is yet to come… She has no clue that I secretly cherish every single moment already.

Except the hormones.

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Those of you who know Megan can ask her about how she kidnapped me after we got back to Houston. I won’t throw her under the bus this time. ♥