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The Ninja Slippers strike again!

December 16, 2008

The Ninja Slippers strike again! The boys at Ploomy named our very own Suzanne “C-Cup” Leighton Ploomy Girl #10. Check out her interview on the site. It’s very educational to say the least.

Ploomy – Check It Out

August 25, 2008

Women, Fights, Humor… these are all things that men hold near and dear to their cold unfeeling hearts. For those topics on the net, we go to a few sacred places. Maxim,,and Spankwire are all frequently bookmarked sites. I’d like to add to this list as well. If you’ve never been exposed to these guys, I’d like to let you know there is a lot of manducation you could derive from there. Everything from the best types of scotch to top 15 songs to get you pumped up.

In concert with DNC Worldwide, Ploomy has published Mike’s article today entitled, “Mixed Martial Arts: From Freak Show to Mainstream Sport?” Please read and give your feedback by clicking the Ploomy logo below.