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Fights and Fun in College Station

October 6, 2008

Lonestar Beatdown 6 Results

170- Title – Kenny Burke vs. Justin Reiswerg
135 -Title – Andy Sandoval vs. Lance Schilling
170 – Frost Murphy vs. David Goolsby
155 – Jeremy Hontz vs. Justin Sitz
145 – Eric Hendon vs. Will Mathis
185 – Matt Steward vs. Brian Daricek
170 – Eric Brigman vs. William Michael Jackson
185 – Jon Pierre vs. Matt Goss
170 – Jordan Rivas vs. Brian Melancon
155 – Justin Harper vs. Derek Campos
125 – Barry Burdett vs. Joe Cruz

Weekend Recap

The juice is always worth the squeeze when it comes to promoting fight events in College Station. The Aggies love a good fight. This was not only evident by yet another successful Lonestar Beatdown, but also the stories that came out of this past weekend. Interesting is the word I’d use to define the crazy debauchery that marked our crazy times in CS. We saw a drunken kid in handcuffs running away from BCS police. We also saw BCS cops pepper-spray Hookah Station. And that was only the beginning.

It started out so innocently as a few of the guys and I hit up northgate after loading up on carbs at Olive Garden on Friday. The great thing about College Station is that drinks are phenomenally cheap. This explains how we drank shots at practically every bar in northgate. By the end of the night, we were hanging over Logan’s porch, hollering at every girl who was unlucky enough to walk by.

Saturday morning was the time to set up at TX Hall of Fame. That was a breeze with all the awesome Elite MMA volunteers. With lots of fighters, fans, and officials staying at College Station Inn we had an opportunity to chill and relax before what would be a crazy Saturday night of fights and drinks.

Lonestar Beatdown 6 was an awesome night of action that saw everyone from home team (Elite MMA – Westheimer) win. Frost “the Ice Pick” Murphy molested his opponent into victory by doing whatever he wanted including a rolling kneebar attempt and a mounted-triangle with a side of ground and pound. Jon Pierre gave his guy some brutal leg kicks in his win.  And Jordan Rivas fought through a very game opponent who hit like a truck en route to a split decision victory.

All in all, crazy good times. Most exhausting weekend ever.

Pics coming soon.