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Houston Nightlife Review: Saez and Zouk

September 21, 2008

Saez and Zouk, thanks for sneaking us through the kitchen after giving my friends shit for wearing ELITE shirts to your club. You didn’t have to go out of your way, really.

Based on my experience there last night, I’ve decided that Saez and Zouk is the equivalent of being stuck in an arranged marriage to a one-eyed prostitute with a venereal disease. You pitch yourselves as a dress-to-impress upscale type of club but you fail to deliver. I felt like I was walking through a real-life version of the DIRTY last night as I waded through a sea of thirty… err 15k millionaires with their long island iced teas and “i’m-awesome” grins. The signs of a bad time were evident – like several near fights, a lack of naturally good-looking women, and empty tables outside with nobody ordering bottle service. All on a Saturday night. Simply put, it was NOT a good time at all. I don’t recommend it to anyone. I’m sure you can find better things to do with your evening, like finding a date on eHarmony, buying some MD 20/20’s (I recommend the green bottle), and renting a copy of Mariah Carey’s movie, Glitter.

For the owners (I don’t know who you guys are) – very smart move on not getting a website developed for Saez. (I tried googling and came up with nothing.) With new established like Pearl and Blue Label opening up on Washington and an exodus of the cool peeps that frequented Saez for awhile, I’m sure you guys would have wasted the money. Not all is lost though. I’m sure you can sell or re-package/re-name the club when it bottoms out. Heck, you’re probably leasing anyway. Just take the money and run. Everyone else is doing it.