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DNC goes to Washington!

December 5, 2008

Mike for President

America and Otis Redding said a change was gonna come and the DNC heard his call! No not really. Mike has been in our nation’s capital on professional business this past week but is returning to Houston on Friday, December 5th, right on time for the weekend festivities!

Some Events can Look Forward to in the Coming Week

  • 12/6, 10pm – Manny Pacquaio vs. Oscar De La Hoya Boxing PPV – @ DNC Westchase
  • 12/7, 4pm – Sunday Funday BBQ for Mike’s Birthday just so Omar can be Annoyed at Week-long Birthday Celebrations – DNC Westchase
  • 12/10, 9pm – Mike Calimbas’s Birthday, an intimate celebration for close friends – @ Last Concert Cafe
  • 12/12, 10pm – Cancer Benefit & Zone D’Erotica Fashion Show – @ Rocbar (We are assisting in putting this together. It’s for Mrs. Sledge’s close friend who is suffering through an unfortunate time. More info later. You can help just by coming out!)
  • 12/13, 1pm – Elite MMA In-School Friendship Tournament. Tentative Superfights include Chad Robichaux (Woodlands) vs. Frost Murphy (Baytown), Chad Kight (Woodlands) vs. Jordan Rivas (Baytown), and Ninja vs. ThinkAlpha for the DNC Championship 2008!

Photos from Lonestar Beatdown 6

October 6, 2008

As promised, below are some photos from Lonestar Beatdown 6 in College Station this past weekend.

Special thanks to Karen Michelle for taking these awesome pictures. The rest of us were either too busy or too drunk to do the same. Cheers Karen, you’re a lifesaver!

Gallery from the Fights

Elite MMA – September 2008 Belt Testing

September 29, 2008

September 26, 2008 – Congrats to all the guys on the team that got promoted in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu rank this past weekend. Here are a few pictures from Friday night.

How to Throw a Proper Send-off

July 30, 2008

1. RESERVE a table large enough to seat a football team.

2. FIND several large cows to ensure enough steak to go around.

3. TELL a few select people and get them to tell all your close friends.

Elite/DNC Family

Elite/DNC Family

As you can see by the family picture above, a large number of Chris’ closest friends came to Taste of Texas to wish him off last Thursday. We’re sad to see him go but wish him success in the next chapter of his life. And no worries, Christopher has pledged to keep us posted on the life and times of DNC Dubai.

Houston BJJ Championships

July 28, 2008

Good afternoon everyone… how’s the work day treating you?  I for one accomplished my most productive task of the day when I visited my mother’s house for lunch and hand washed my car.  Not bad for a Monday work day huh?  Now to the topic of this post which is the Houston Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Championships that was held on July 26th at Legends Sports Complex.

First off, I have to congratulate those who won and those who competed for there were some hard fought matches.  Competitors from Elite included Jason Soliz, Elliott, Frankie, John Pierre, Pilot Joe and myself.  Now I’ve only competed in one other tournament (Dungals ’08) but with that as a reference and with the opinions of other grapplers there I can safely state that the tourney was poorly ran.  For instance, stopping a division and starting another in the same mat space to finish the division at a later time is just plain idiocracy.  To have grapplers warm up/cool down all day long is just ridicolous but that is no excuse for any one of us but just more of a nuissance.  Now that I got that out, a recap of my matches and the lessons learned.  Videos to follow.

First match started right off the bat following the singing of the national anthem which shocked the whole division since it is a general thought that the kids started first.  Warm/Cold we rolled nonetheless and the match summed up with me going for 3-4 submission attempts while my opponent won on points.  Lesson learned, get back to Fundamentals!!!  2nd match went well with me winning via points.  3rd match lost by submission to the guy that won the white absolute division.  My one match in No-Gi was a dissapointment due to inactivity on my end.  I was at the bottom of half guard throughout the match and didn’t work hard enough to win. LESSON BEING TRAIN HARDER and with more emphasis on points and guard work.  Here are some pics of me from the tourney (thanks Frankie!)