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Happy Birthday to Christopher of DNC Dubai!

October 29, 2008

I guess its fitting that I deliver the eulogy to celebrate the day in your stead.

Christopher became a part of the DNC almost 2 years ago. Upon his graduation from Georgia Tech, Chris moved to Houston to be closer to his parents and subsequently joined Elite MMA, where he met many of us.

From then on, Chris has contributed much to our network. He functioned as the official photographer for Lonestar Beatdown for every event until he moved, taught the kids’ classes at Elite during his afternoons, and much more during his stay in Houston.

As of this past summer, Chris has temporarily relocated to Dubai, UAE to work for prestigious Engineering and Architecture firm Gehry Design – where he is starting a new chapter in life and also a new international chapter of the DNC within the next 2 years.

So what can this former housemate, teammate, and trouble-making good friend/wing man have to say about the birthday boy…

It seems like only yesterday that I was living with Christopher at the original DNC Westchase at his home on Ainsdale. I learned so much from him during the year we became amongst the best of friends. See, Chris has a patient level-headed personality. Such a stark contrast from my all-over-the-place fiery temperamental disposition. Not to mention he is also one of the most well-read intelligent human beings I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Hence Chris really helped me grow as a human being and find some balance in how to think things through. For that I’m greatful.

Above and beyond the introspect (LOL), the parties when we were living together were definitely outrageously entertaining. Remember the launch party with the roses and silly girls running around sans shirts? Or the New Year’s party with Ed and Shrek singing karaoke? Or the barbecues with the $200 organic ingredients from HEB? These are truly cherished memories. (they are all archived on this site btw…)

Simply put, Christopher is truly a good man and I, along with all his close friends in the DNC and at Elite MMA and Houston dearly miss him.

Happy 28th birthday Chris! We love and miss you back home!

BTW – Chris will be back on short-term hiatus from Dubai later this month. A DNC Welcome Home Bash sure to be announced in short order, most likely on November 22nd so clear your calendars.

Recent Pictures of Christopher in Dubai

How to Throw a Proper Send-off

July 30, 2008

1. RESERVE a table large enough to seat a football team.

2. FIND several large cows to ensure enough steak to go around.

3. TELL a few select people and get them to tell all your close friends.

Elite/DNC Family

Elite/DNC Family

As you can see by the family picture above, a large number of Chris’ closest friends came to Taste of Texas to wish him off last Thursday. We’re sad to see him go but wish him success in the next chapter of his life. And no worries, Christopher has pledged to keep us posted on the life and times of DNC Dubai.