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BJJ and Collegiate Wrestling – The Training Mindset

June 18, 2009

This article is made for you grappling enthusiasts out there, specifically the wrestlers and BJJ players that are just starting out or need to revisit their passion for their sport. – Taylor Winzeler

You’re stepping on the mat. The home and sanctuary of all of your blood, sweat, and tears. Where you have spent a countless number of hours practicing, drilling and training. Now it’s time to put it together. A familiar feeling sends a wave of adrenaline down your spine as you step on to your playing field.

Are you a wrestler strapping on an ankle band? Or are you the BJJ player unweaving the tattered belt? Whichever you are,you share an unknown bond. The mat.

wrestling-takedown-2Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and Collegiate Wrestling are not the same, nor do they have the same origins or scoring systems. But with all their differences, it is intriguing to look past and focus on what lies underneath the root of competition.

Think of back to the first day of your sport.

Do you remember thinking about where and when you should position your body to gain an advantage? Remember trying to resist a maneuver with pure strength and then getting crushed by somebody who has correct technique and the speed and power to back it up? This is the starting point for both sports. The struggle. This is how both clean white belts and fresh wrestling shoes begin their journey.

What’s amazing is when look back to the first technique that actually worked for you. Whether it be the arm-bar or half-nelson, the realization is both sports contain almost the same system of learning. Only by  repetition and drilling does technique become a part of muscle memory.

So how do we keep progressing?

helio_gracie-742955First, find a technique that really catches your eye and study it. Then break it down, understand it, and eventually perfect it. Once the you begin to pull it off, it’ll become a new drug and you’ll want to do it over and over until it is second nature. Every grappler or wrestler knows exactly what I’m talking about. Once you have it down, move on to the next one. And repeat that over and over with different techniques for the rest of your life.

Remember, with grappling and all things in life, it takes drive, passion, and discipline to continuously get better. Achieve that sense of accomplishment never comes easy but the juice is worth the squeeze. After all, succeeding at something that at first seemed like a foreign language will always be satisfying no matter what you do in life.

Cookie – The Disappearing Ninja!

November 29, 2008


I Know I’m not much of a writer but I thought I would give everybody an update how things have been since I hardly see anybody anymore.

I like to think that most of you notice that I make a sudden disappearance from about October to February every year and there’s only one explanation; Wrestling season! Everyday at 6AM on the track, and Every afternoon til 6 o’clock. Wrestling has been taking a strenuous toll on my body and its not even half way over. But I’ll give you guys an update of how its been.

Two weekends ago, the team packed up into vans and headed all the way out to Klein Oak for the Klein Oak Gator Roll Invitational. This tournament was fairly easy for me until i faced a very strong wrestler from The Woodlands – who i could of swore had me beat, but i went on to get a lucky reversal, putting him on his back for the pin. My final match went smoothly as I stood atop the podium with that sweet, sweet gold around my neck.

Last weekend was the Bishop Lynch Invitational, which is supposed to be the toughest tournament of the year for us. Bishop Lynch is a private school housing some of the most elite wrestlers in the nation. Their team over all is ranked 8th in the US. So the cookie monster went into this one feeling a little bit more like a crumb. My first few matches I easily won by pin, working my way up the bracket until I had a kid from Canyon Randall (which is a school ranked number 2 in Texas). I expected for a good match. The whistle blows and the kid is going nuts, shooting takedowns, snapping my head… this kid has to be 6’3″. After the second period ended i realized i was down  8 points. SHIT!, I thought, this match is over! But I stayed true to myself and proceeded to shoot 8 takedowns, hitting them all because the other guy was just gassed. Felt good to get my hand raised on that one. I’m sure i gave my coach some more gray hair.

Anyway, after all the tournaments and duals, I’m ranked 7th in the state, which is a pretty big accomplishment for me. Check 171 for the weight.

Inside Texas Wrestling

Anyways – the family is doing great. Travis is off at Blinn in College Station and Wyatt is chuggin’ his way through grade school. Me and the same girl are still together and it has just been an awesome year and a half for me. I’m sure a bunch of you are giggling at my little high school relationship but cut me some slack ha ha.

I’m looking forward to seeing all of you and miss the gym alot. Don’t hesitate to call a Cookie every now and then guys! Later!