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Project Bonafide and Creating a Self-Sustainable Ecosystem

May 15, 2009


Editors Note: The following is a blog posted by Duane Batcheler, an acquaintance I was introduced to on the social networking site Myspace in 2005. At the time, Duane had recently quit his job in finance and sold everything he owned for a chance to travel the world. Since then, Duane has been involved in several different projects involving cultural awareness and making the world a better place.

  • Duane’s Travel Blog on Myspace – here
  • Link to Duane’s Slideshow of Ometepe Island – click here

Duane’s exploits show proof that it can be done, whatever it may be that you aspire to. He has accomplished plenty, all based on an inspired decision to get out and do something more than working 9-5pm. This is the spirit of what we are building with DNC Worldwide.

His latest project is enormous in scope and the most ambitious I’ve heard of in quite some time. Read about Project Bonafide below, perhaps it is something you’ll consider participating in yourself.

PROJECT BONAFIDE – By: Duane Batcheler

I’m done with traveling for a bit and now working with a group to purchase a 105 acre piece of land on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua.  Ometepe Island is considered the largest island in the world found in a freshwater lake.   It is formed by two volcanoes rising from Lake Nicaragua joined by a land isthmus and measures 276 square kilometers offering a great variety of ecosystems and natural tourist attractions such as rivers, waterfalls, springs, beaches and wetlands, all characterized by their almost virgin conditions.  The property has great views of the surrounding volcanoes, direct access to the lake, beautiful huge old growth trees, mango trees, palm trees and long treed arbor walkways.

Currently there is a farm with orchards, cows, and horses, about 30,000 square feet of existing buildings that can be used for temporary living quarters, offices, restaurant, hostel, and workshops, as well as a pier complete with a fishing boat and gear. The goal is to build a self sustainable organic farm, with solar and wind power, pump water from the lake for agriculture, and use wells for drinking water.  The other major focus is on hospitality: eco-lodge, cabanas, restaurant, hostel, kayaks, horses, beach, bar and night club, yoga, massage, hiking tours up the volcanoes, craft center, etc.

We hope to close by July 11th and start prepping the land for people to come down in December.  I will be working with a group called Bona Fide learning as much as I can about ‘permaculture’ over the next few months.

We’ve talked about catering to tourists who want to learn a skill, help with locals, or work on a farm.  We plan to bring in building materials in bulk and build each others houses as well as the common structures. If anyone is interested in helping or joining please let me know.

For more information on Nicaragua, Ometepe Island, and Project Bonafide, visit Duane’s blog.