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Last Night’s Olympic Beerfest

August 10, 2008

I think we’re all still reeling from the UFC 87 / Beer Olympics party last night. Nothing like watching some great fights with beer pong balls flying from one side of the big screen to the other. And to think… roughly 60+ people focused on drinking and we STILL didn’t make a dent into the lone star beer couch. I think the overall damage was only 9 cases of brew and 4 bottles of vodka. lol… Sounds like we were drinking some of that weak sauce in addition to the alcohol.

In other news… Watching Omar, Jordan, and friends abuse poor Julian was classic. Shrek finally got all the magic marker removed from his face by noon today.  And we finally found Jenaris.Turns out he did NOT go with Hyper’s Hooligans to midtown after the fights. He was asleep in the bathroom for three hours. LOL.