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10/6 Elite MMA Test

July 17, 2008

A few pictures from the Elite Martial Arts Test on October 6th. CONGRATS to everyone but especially to Ed Liem, who earned his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Jordan Rivas, who earned his brown belt. A special note to my brother as well. He got his first stripe!

The Test Crew

Kris getting launched en-route to earning his first stripe!

Alaina and Thales watching Papa Jordan get his brown belt!

Prudhomme earns his blue belt!


Thales Rivas – 2020 Mundial Gold Medalist.

Junker’s Secret Move.

A tired Eric P.

Setting up the Omo Plata

Ed getting killed by Eric, Ratinho, and Hai to earn his black belt!

Elite’s Black Belts.

Also… A few extra pics from last week….

Octavio “Ratinho” De Souza & I at dinner (Emporio Brazilian Cafe – outstanding food!) after the Battle of H-Town Tourney last weekend.

Patti & Stephen’s visit to Houston from Boston

Amanda and friend (from the new Sherlock’s in River Oaks

Patti & Amanda (Bostonians) & our friend from Queens, NY

Elite MMA In-House Tournament

July 17, 2008

The weekend of the in-house submission grappling tournament turned out to be a wonderful success. Thanks to Chris R, Steve Garcia, Eric, and all the others that contributed to the event. Hopefully all the competitors, win or lose, gained some good experiences from participating. Awesome job to both teams and everyone who helped put it together! It was a lot of fun!

After the fights and food, some of the team came over to watch BJ Penn hand Jens Pulver his ass and drink the night away. That was before our three vehicle caravan followed me to pick up Laura M, who I missed dearly and is back from Boston. We head off downtown to the Roof, where we spent the rest of the night enjoying shot after shot en route to the laziest Sunday of our lives. We finished off the weekend watching Entourage, which might have been the most productive thing we did yesterday…

Vincent and Steve had an awesome match to kick off the action for the adults!

Drew and Clint displayed their technical prowess!

Junker enjoys his first jiujitsu victory!

Adrien showed heart and resiliency to score for her team!

Eric P – Team Player Award for the red mohawk!

Dallas and Fury look on!

The Superfight Begins!

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Blue Steel!

(No After-Party or Midtown Pictures. Was too tired.)