10/6 Elite MMA Test

A few pictures from the Elite Martial Arts Test on October 6th. CONGRATS to everyone but especially to Ed Liem, who earned his Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Jordan Rivas, who earned his brown belt. A special note to my brother as well. He got his first stripe!

The Test Crew

Kris getting launched en-route to earning his first stripe!

Alaina and Thales watching Papa Jordan get his brown belt!

Prudhomme earns his blue belt!


Thales Rivas – 2020 Mundial Gold Medalist.

Junker’s Secret Move.

A tired Eric P.

Setting up the Omo Plata

Ed getting killed by Eric, Ratinho, and Hai to earn his black belt!

Elite’s Black Belts.

Also… A few extra pics from last week….

Octavio “Ratinho” De Souza & I at dinner (Emporio Brazilian Cafe – outstanding food!) after the Battle of H-Town Tourney last weekend.

Patti & Stephen’s visit to Houston from Boston

Amanda and friend (from the new Sherlock’s in River Oaks

Patti & Amanda (Bostonians) & our friend from Queens, NY

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