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Hey Now, You’re An All-Star!

August 14, 2008

Well… Smashmouth finally silenced their critics last night. NO, I am not talking about the band Smashmouth but Frenchies’ Finest in Alain Bernard. I talked a lot of trash about him the other day for his bold prediction that the French would “smash the Americans” in the relay but he asked for it. Having to eat crow is why it isn’t the smartest thing to do for professional athletes to make predictions. After all, not everyone can be a Joe Namath.

Irregardless of his bold guarantee, I guess it is time to give Alain Bernard his due. Up until about this time in 2007, nobody had ever heard of Alan Bernard. He was a mediocre swimmer at best competing in backstroke and medley. It wasn’t until he switched to freestyle that his career really started to take off. Now he’s a Gold Medalist in this year’s Olympics, besting the crowd with a blistering time of 47.21 at Beijing’s water cube. Alain, hey now, I guess you’re an all star after all!