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NYE 2008

August 30, 2008

So why a half a year late? I know. I was wondering too.

Inexplicably, I could not find a post on NYE 2008 today when looking at the historical archive of our events. Geez… did I really miss a release of photos for New Years Eve? Wow. I guess I was more hammered than I thought. Better late than never it is then!

DNC New Year’s Eve 2008 was celebrated from a private section at Rich’s in midtown. From what I can remember, which is very minimal, we had a great time. Eric P. had to choke somebody out for trying to steal his ex’s purse. An unrelated celebrator got beat up in his own party bus. And we all got drunk. Surprise Surprise.

Here are the photos from DNC New Year’s Eve 2008