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10 Observations from VPILF’s Republican Convention Speech

September 3, 2008

  1. Sarah Palin really comes off well on television. Not a surprise but she really is HOT. As silly as it sounds, that’s going to come off really well for the Republican campaign. I bet her speech tonight won her some voters who were middle-of-the-road.
  2. Is she from Alaska? I know she is but she sounds so much like she’s from Wisconsin with her accent and tone. (notice how she says “Minnesota,”  “Day,” and other like words)
  3. Her speech is really targeting the middle-of-the-road voters. Lots of talk about attending PTA meetings, being a hockey mom, and having small-town values.
  4. Holy shit her daughter has HUGE nom noms… (irrelevant but a big observation)
  5. She claims to have shook things up in Alaska, reforming many programs and cutting unnecessary cost. Palin is painting herself as a maverick reformist willing to stray from the party line. That’s how she won the election for Governor. It should be the Republicans’ goal to use that persona to win the middle over.
  6. I never knew Palin was formerly a TV Sports Reporter. Interesting. Must mean she knows how to manipulate the male psyche.
  7. Clever Political Script – paint a beautiful woman that men can ogle for her looks and women can look to as a mentor because of family, life, work, and political experiences. Now that all are listening, have her promote John McCain relentlessly as the man that should be the President of the USA. Excellent marketing.
  8. Her speechwriters put some clever jokes in there, referencing eBay and her cooking.
  9. Nice jabs at Senator Obama, referencing his quotes on the record. She’s really trying to paint him as someone who will say anything to win the crowd over but not having any meat behind what he’s saying. Meanwhile, she’s depicting herself as a strong decision-maker who will do what it takes to get the job done.
  10. Drill, baby, Drill! Lay more pipelines, build more plants. Alternative Energy. No more dependence on Foreign Oil!  Uhm… that’s not the type of drilling we were thinking about.

"Sarah Palin for Vice President"

Major Ninja Prediction

If the Republican Party has Sarah Palin cry (not weakly but when talking about a passionate cause) before this election is over, they will have a SERIOUS chance to win the white house! Write it down. DNC says so.

Good speech. Now rewind the TIVO, turn on an 80’s porno soundtrack, and mute the television. LOL!

Editors Note: FYI – All our reporting for the 2008 Presidential Election comes from a centrist stance. No loyalties here. Just some observations and humor for both sides.