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A Puppet Regime in North Korea?

September 10, 2008

According to the New York Post and citing American Intelligence sources, North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Il might have suffered a stroke several weeks ago. This is thought to explain why the enigmatic sixty-six year old dictator did not attend the 60th anniversary of North Korea on September 9. Kim Jong Il’s absence from such an event is highly unusual. After all, he has not missed an anniversary parade in Pyonyang for a long time now. But wait…

Is Kim Jong Il really gravely sick?

Not so fast says Japanese expert, Professor Shigemura. This North Korean relations expert purposes that Kim Jong Il actually died in 2003 and since then, North Korea has used his infamous body doubles to hide the death of the dictator from the world and keep the communist engine running! The use of body doubles is not uncommon for infamous dictators. Saddam Hussein had them as well. Both Kim Jong Il and Hussein have been known to have used them throughout the years to avoid assassination. Now if Kim Jong Il really is dead, this may be the first time that art really does imitate life.

Shigemura’s book, The True Character of Kim Jong-il, cites sources from inside North Korea and from the intelligence services of Japan and South Korea to explain this hypothesis.

Here are a few of the supporting arguments

  • North Korea’s policies have shifted dramatically in the past five years.
  • Studies of recent sightings of the Supreme Leader show that he has grown three inches since 2003.
  • A recording of Kim Jong’s voice during a 2004 meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi did not match earlier authenticated versions.

Of course this is truly sensationalistic reporting. But interesting nonetheless.

(L) Kim Jong double 2008 (R) King Jong IL in 2003

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