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Mourning my Grandmother’s Death

November 5, 2008

Sunday November 2, 2008 – while I was working at Open City Bistro I received a phone call @ 10:11pm from my mother crying, she said ” Chea` my momma is dead”!!  Right then and there I broke down in front of the police, co-workers, customers, bar-backs and all.  For at that moment I felt my soul leave my body leaving me powerless and feeling so very helpless.  Im thankful my mother had the courage to call my sister and brother-in-law before she called me and have them in route to where I was, for she knew this was news I could not handle alone.

I would like to thank all the well wishers from BONA Fitness, Elite Martial Arts, Open City, Union Bar, Zepplin, Pandora, Epic Lounge, Pravada (formerly) Crome, DECO, and all those who I missed thank you!!  i know I have to be strong right now….if not for myself for my mother who is hurting the most!!

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Death is more universal than life; everyone dies but not everyone lives. Luv you grandma! I hate you missed history in the making!!