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Fat Sandwiches: The Sandwich World’s Prized Secret

August 16, 2008

Quite possibly the most glutinous thing on the planet, New Jersey’s Fat Sandwiches may just be the most uniquely satisfying thing ever. It’s been named Maxim’s number one sandwich in the country and has also been featured in USA Today. And while they’ve been around in New Brunswick and Rutger’s University since 1997, I haven’t been able to find this thing anywhere else in the world.

Fat Darell (source:

These sandwiches can include gyro meat, steak, chicken tenders, french fries, bacon, cheese sticks, jalapenos, and much more. …all on ONE delicious roll. Separately, these appetizers would cost you $20 or so. But on a fat sandwich, it’s only $4.75.

Now THAT is a drunken feast if I ever heard of one.