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Planting Trees for Life – Fostering sustainability for Haiti

April 27, 2010

Hello DNC Worldwide and friends!

My name is Rod Pardey, and my friend Mathieu Flamant and I are in charge of PR and Development for the nonprofit organization, Arbo de Vivo. Derived from the international language of  Esperanto, the name “Arbo de Vivo” literally translates to mean “tree of life.”

For our mission of helping the impoverished island nation of Haiti, the tree of life we refer to is called Moringa Oleifera. If you are not familiar with the moringa tree, I can tell you this, its properties are truly astonishing. Unfortunately, poverty in developing countries such as Haiti leads to starvation and malnourishment for many.  Moringa is nature’s most miraculous antidote to this calamity, and many refer to the moringa as the miracle tree!

Arbo de Vivo is a non-governmental organization that has been allotted over 300 acres on some very fertile land near the city of Cap-Haitien in Haiti’s Nord-Est province.  I’ve visited this property, and I likened the potential of the land to the Garden of Eden itself.  But Haitians, due to complications within their own government, have failed to utilize this tremendous natural resource.  Indeed, a panoramic view of the landscape reveals almost no farming being done at all.  Haiti itself is barely using tens of thousands of acres of arable land.  We at Arbo de Vivo are hoping to push the first domino of change, and end this tragic cycle.

Specifically, our goal is to teach Haitians how to farm the Moringa tree so that they can become a self-sustaining nation.  Arbo de Vivo is interested in helping Haitians achieve this goal by providing funds, tools, and knowledge to encourage sustainability.  As a start, we plan to build a pilot farm with an adjoining school in order to teach Haitians how to: set up, maintain, and manage a Moringa farm that can feed thousands of people.

We are excited about the prospect of meeting these challenges.  I invite you to examine our website to learn more about our organization.  We are eager to field your questions and to hear your thoughts.  I can be reached directly via twitter or via email.  I believe our best promotion for this work is an open line of communication with those who might help us.  Please feel free to contact me so that we can begin a dialogue.

Thank you, Rod Pardey

Watch this video to familiarize yourself with the Moringa tree: