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Lonestar Beatdown 10 in Houston this Friday, June 5th

June 3, 2009


Lonestar Beatdown 10 is coming to Houston, TX this Friday, June 5th.

The card will be a strong one for the Arena Theatre crowd as LSBD has put together THREE title fights for this event. Plenty of ninjas will be on hand as officials for the event, which is sure to bring some fireworks. Elite MMA’s Julian Vega also makes his MMA debut against Vicente Gama of Rising Sun in a match that is a sure bet to NOT make it to the judges scorecards!

Ticket Information – There is literally not a single bad seat at the house at this venue and tickets are going quickly. You can still get yours at Doors open at 6:30pm and the fights start at 8pm.



Full Lonestar Beatdown 10 Fight Card

  • 145 USACA Title – Jeremy Hontz (Twin Wolves) vs. Dominic Rodriguez (4oz. fight club)
  • 155 USACA Title – Greg Bellomy (Gracie Barra) vs. Gilbert Jimenez (Powerhouse MMA)
  • 170 USACA Title – Kenny Burke (Westside MMA) vs. Nathan Schaefer (TX Gladiators)

Bobby Powers (B3 Sports) vs. Andy Sandoval (Death Row MMA)
Martin Garcia (Gracie Barra) vs. Ed Rosino (Bushi Ban)

Marcus Dupar (Rocky Long MMA) vs. Ben Oliver (Elite MMA)

Alex Black (Bushi Ban) vs. Mario Valenzuela (Sub Boxing)

Aaron Croon (Team Tooke) vs Arnold Gutierrez (Legion MMA)
Vicente Gama (Rising Sun Karate) vs. Julian Vega (Elite MMA Baytown)
Cesar Gonzales (Silverback MMA) vs. Waylon Ward (Kuk Sool Won)

Travis Moore (Twin Wolves) vs. Michael Szanyi (World Martial Arts)
Justin Murray (Bushi Ban) vs. Alex Morono (Gracie Barra Woodlands)
Dominik Bukovicky (Elite MMA) vs. Jeremy Morris (World Martial Arts)
George Cisneros (Team Martinez) vs. Mike Castillo (McCalls MMA)
Jonathon Harris (Sub Boxing) vs. Robert Ezzell (Bradford Combat Academy)

John Malbrough (UH MMA) vs. Matt Goss (Rising Sun Karate)

Jermaine Anugwom (AMMA) vs. Artineas Young (Hoger MMA)

Jayson Pilosi (BVMMA) vs. Tim Escobedo (Legion MMA)

*Fight card subject to change without notice

Behind-the-Scenes of Creating a Live MMA Event

March 5, 2009
Ninja Ricardo (right) during the weigh-ins before his fight at Lonestar Beatdown. Ricardo won via anaconda choke in the 1st round.

Our very own Ricardo Talavera (right) during the weigh-ins before his fight at Lonestar Beatdown 1 in College Station, TX. Ricardo won via anaconda choke in the 1st round.

For the general public, attending a live MMA event can be a very exciting experience. Fans usually walk away satisfied as they take in the visual spectacle that is the explosive nature of Mixed Martial Arts. From seeing the fighters twisting their opponents’ limbs at unnatural angles for the submission to the brawl-for-it-all nature of combatants going for a knockout, there is no doubt that watching this sport live can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for the casual fan.

What most people do not see, however, is the amount of detail and hard work that goes into producing a live event. As a USACA-licensed Official for Lonestar Beatown, I’ve had the distinct pleasure of seeing all the effort that goes into providing a succesful experience for everyone involved. And it’s certainly not only the fans that the promoter has to worry about! Many other aspects behind-the-scenes have to be taken care of in order for an event to become successful. A portion of this includes compliance with athletic commissions, the relationship between the event and the gyms involved in training fighters, event promotion, and of course making sure everything flows efficiently when fight night arrives.
Here in Texas, as with most other states where MMA is legal, not just any Joe-Schmo-Dana-White-Wannabe off the street can be a fight promoter. One has to obtain an official promoter’s license before they are legally allowed to host an MMA event. This role is reserved for those who have the desire and wherewithall to complete the tedious application process to become licensed by the state athletic commission. The cost can be anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars, all for the right to host MMA events. And just like promoters, all ringside officials must be licensed by the state as well. This includes timekeepers, referrees, scorecard managers, and judges.
Next, there is the task of setting up the fight card. This is placed in the charge of the event matchmaker, who always has a difficult task ahead of him. The reasons are numerous! First of all, matching up fighters isn’t just about finding two guys the same weight and telling them to go at it. There are other aspects to consider, such as the amount of experience, tangible skill-level, and the stylistic matchup between opponents. For this, the matchmaker has to create and nurture a relationship with the coaches & trainers of prospective fighters. It is through this and the trust implied that the matchmaker can truly gauge who should be fighting whom and whether they are truly ready to step into the cage. Once the bouts are set the matchmaker has to keep working as fighters can drop out at any time, for any reason. Nonetheless, it is the matchmaker’s job to ensure that the fans see exciting fights on the night of the live event, and enough of them to feel like they got their money’s worth.
Also, once the promoter arranges for the ideal venue for the event, the event has be marketed to a cross-section of casual fans, die-hards, and gym all across the local area. This typically involves a grass-roots effort of the fighters and the gyms they represent. Usually, those associated with the gladiators involved make up a healthy portion of the attendance. Above and beyond that, additional promotional channels include print publications and the all-powerful internet. Websites like,, and do a great job of promoting MMA events locally here in Houston.
Finally, on the night of the live event, there are about a million things going on at the same time behind-the-scenes. From the officials and fighters all the way down to the ushers and medics, everyone has a place to be and a role to play. The fighters warm up with their coaches, the ushers make sure fans get seated in orderly fashion, the officials and ringside physician take their places, etc. The event can only go well through the cohesive teamwork of everyone involved. Remember, It’s not just knockouts and tapouts guys.

We’ll see you at the fights on March 28st!

12354951572lonestar8_c2 Lone Star Beatdown 8  brings amateur cage fighting to Houston on  March 28th 2009. The venue for the event is the Houston Arena Theater. Tickets – $20/$35/$50 now available at

Winning Ninjas of November! (photos)

November 24, 2008

November 13th in Huntsville, in conjunction with USACA and Sigma Chi, Lonestar Beatdown threw their 7th successful event. Our very own John “Coconut” Alfeche stepped away with his first win in MMA competition.


Coconut w/ Elite cornermen


"to the victor go the spoils."

LSBD Officials before the fights

LSBD Officials before the fights

DNC Filipinos

DNC Filipinos

November 22nd – We officially celebrated Eric & Sarah’s engagement at the spot they first met @ Open City. Thanks to the couple for hosting family and close friends to an excellent time. The hour’derves and plethora of shots sure did a number on all of us.

bride and groom to be

bride and groom to be


"Smer!" - Fashion Statement by Dallas Mabry

Munveen makes an appearance on his own birthday!

Munveen makes an appearance on his own birthday!

Exclusive Christopher and Gustavo sighting.

Exclusive Christopher and Gustavo sighting.

1st Matt. Now its Eric. Eddie must be next.

1st Matt. Now its Eric. Eddie must be next.

we all fall down sometimes.

we all fall down sometimes. a true ninjas always gets back up.

Papparazi shot on the couple as the nights winds to a close.

Papparazi shot on the couple as the nights winds to a close.

Lonestar Beatdown and Sigma Chi team up to bring MMA back to Huntsville!

October 29, 2008

Attention Huntsville and Sam Houston State University:

The Lonestar Beatdown and Sigma Chi Fraternity at Sam Houston State University are teaming to bring Huntsville Extreme Fighting – MMA, Muay Thai and Boxing action right in the middle of the Jolly Fox! We hope to see you there Thursday, November 13th!

Jolly Fox
2504 Sam Houston Ave
Huntsville, TX




> Humphreys
> Cavenders ( Huntsville and College Station locations)
> Lone Liquor 1 and 2
> Freeway Liquor
> The Mall area on campus
> or with any Sigma Chi at Sam Houston

$20 at the door | $25 in advance

VIP Tables available beforehand by calling: 979-696-3971 ext. 702!





 One week before at Jolly Fox, Lonestar Beatdown and the Sigma Chi Fraternity will be holding a contest to decide who the ring girls will be for the fights! I wouldn’t plan on missing this Beatdown Beauty Contest. Jolly Fox will have insane drink specials that night. Like wells and drafts for $2, $1, .50 cents each!

How fun is it going to be to judge these Beatdown Beauties with their huge B’s, phat B’s, and tight B’s… Pretty damn fun awesome is my guess.

Lonestar Beatdown is going to raffle off guest judge spots!

  • Cost is 1 for $20 or 2 for $30.
  • Winners will be a judge and receive 2 free tickets to Lonestar Beatdown 7.
  • Everyone that purchases raffle tickets will receive free entrance to the contest and 5.00 off Lonestar Beatdown 7 tickets.  



For those interested in vying to be a Lonestar Beatdown Ring Girl or want to purchase raffle tickets to be a Guest Judge – feel free to call David, LSBD event organizer, at 713-339-4662.

Photos from Lonestar Beatdown 6

October 6, 2008

As promised, below are some photos from Lonestar Beatdown 6 in College Station this past weekend.

Special thanks to Karen Michelle for taking these awesome pictures. The rest of us were either too busy or too drunk to do the same. Cheers Karen, you’re a lifesaver!

Gallery from the Fights