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Living in a Post Natural Disaster World

September 18, 2008

We are now living in a post natural disaster world. I thought that to myself earlier on what is now our fifth day without electricity here in Houston after Hurricane Ike. And my oh my, what an interesting five days it has been. The passing of the storm brought about many immediate challenges. Assessment of damage, removal of debris, and neighborhood cleanup took up a lot of time right after the storm. Now that is done, we’ve had to find creative ways to enjoy our time and overcome several different challenges in daily living.

How Life Has Changed in Houston

With no power you’re left without typical electronic time-wasters. That means no television, no “checking myspace” Internet breaks, and no large speakers blaring your favorite music. You replace the time with chill activities like bike rides, reading on the couch, and sitting around telling stories with friends.

Also, being that a lot of our close friends are involved in grappling and MMA, a lot of time has been spent on the mats training both at the gym and on puzzle mats in the backyard. It’s been fun getting workouts in to pass the time. It’s also been a productive way to spend afternoons off from work for many of the ninjas.

There has been a paradox between time and things to do. Workplaces being closed coupled with businesses being closed left you with scarcity of choices for entertainment.

We’ve driven to Baker’s Street in Sugar Land to avoid curfew and enjoy drinks, football games, and catch up with a ton of old friends. We’ve also made some new ones as well during our drunken nights.

Our friends have been such gracious hosts when needed. Partying with friends like new DNC member Ninja Barbee has been exceptionally fun. And I had no idea Kristi was such a beer pong fanatic. The terminator had us all reeling off the balcony. Likewise, Berm’s house today provided for a much needed reprieve to catch up on Entourage and Weeds.

Thank God for the nice weather. Most could not imagine going though this with Texas 100 degree heat and no air conditioning. We’ve built fires, grilled food outdoors, and built fires as an accessory to a late night drinks with friends.

A few more challenges lay ahead

Most have to re-acclimate back to working life despite not having power restored to their homes and living different lives for the past week. Some like us may have to wait until Monday if not longer for electricity. And yet others who were less fortunate have unimaginable recoveries ahead.

I underestimated it at first but we sure did go through one hell of a hurricane. Hopefully we’ll some normalcy back in our lives soon. I’m ready for this hurrication to be over.