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Houston Restaurant Review: Le Viet

September 22, 2008

Le Viet, located on 11328 A Westheimer Rd in Houston, TX has some of the best Vietnamese food in the city. It is so good, in fact, that a group of us go at least 2-3 a week minimum. The reason why the ninjas think so highly of Le Viet comes down to the qualities you seek in any dining experience: quality, price, and customer service.

In terms of their cuisine, Le Viet offers a wide array of fusion Vietnamese cuisine, minus any flavors that may be deemed too overpowering by your average diner. The restaurant caters to western diners so most everything on their menu is fit for a try. They also offer lunch specials all day long that will suit your needs whether you are a vegetarian, want something light, or desire a huge meal.

As for pricing, Le Viet is very affordable for any occasion. You can get a full meal for less than $10. Most entrees cost between $7-$10 and are quite sizeable. They offer daily happy hour specials as well fo both food and drink. If you come in during the lunch hour, they will give you a complimentary cup of soup (not just broth) as well.

Finally, for customer service in this genre of restaurants, Le Viet is superb! They have a full staff of hospitable waiters and hosts that cater to your dining needs. The waiters go out of their way and the assistants make sure that your drink is always full. Likewise, the owner, Tam, is also a very nice guy and went out of his way to discuss the lionfish and other exotic swimmers in their fish tank on one of our many, many visits.

Menu Recommendations

  • For lunch, try the #26 combo plate. You can pick up to three toppings (mini-entrees) to go along with rice. OR try the Bo Kho with rice or egg noodle. Whichever you prefer.
  • For dinner, try the pan-seared crispy egg noodle combo. OR go big and have the Le Viet signature vermicelli plate.
  • Also try the Pho when you get the chance. It’s the bomb.

Check out Le Viet as soon as you get the chance.