Hometown Hotties


Today’s winner is Kristin Cavallari. Listen guys, I know that there are a MILLION chicks that look just as hot as her. I just came back from a weekend in good ole’ San Marcos, TX (Texas State) – where there were at least one cute petite blonde for every drunk one of us. Kristin represents all of those chicks. God bless ’em all!


Today’s winner is Mariam! Thanks for plotting out the DNC Labor Day Luau.


Today’s Ninja Slipper is Romy Tarangui, a 20 year old Judo Olympian from Germany. Think she could throw you around? YouTube her videos.


Today’s Ninja Slipper is Cara Zavaleta, Playboy Playmate and former MTV Real World/Road Rules castmember. Think she could throw you around? She has a GORGEOUS smile and a sexy girl-next-door type of body to go along with a playful personaility. I think I would date her…


Today’s Slipper is Mila Kunis, star of ‘That 70’s Show’ and ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall.’ Talk about exotic… She’s definitely got a unique look to her. She’s growing on me.


Today’s winner is Holly Valance. She is a singer, actress, and  played the role of the “Perfect 10” Model that E banged on Entourage, Season 2, Episode 10 – “My Maserati does 185.” ‘Nuff Said.


Today’s winner is Carla Gugino. This sultry blend of Italian, Irish, and English has starred in many films from American Gangster to Night at the Museum. She’s also done television with spots on every sitcom from Doogie Howser to Who’s the Boss to more recent hits like Entourage and Spin City. I would. Wouldn’t you?


Today’s Hurricane Edition winner is Stacey Kiebler.


Today’s winner is Real World San Diego Alum, Jamie Chung. Many hot nom noms have passed through 15+ seasons of the MTV Reality Show. Jamie was undoubtedly one of the hottest. See Jamie soon in the upcoming Dragonball movie!


Today’s winner is Marisa Miller – Model for SI and Victoria’s Secret, amongst others. Described as “the quintessential California girl,” she’d make us want to run and move to LA even with all the traffic, inflation, and pollution.



Today’s winner is Olivia Munn, television personality and “Queen of the Geeks.” Olivia is the face of gaming cable network G4, hosting a number of shows for the network, the most prominent being Attack of the Show. In case you were wondering, Olivia is of both Caucasian and Chinese descent.

Olivia Munn by methodshop flickr.

Olivia Munn Leia.jpg



Today’s winner is the arguably the world’s hottest Colombian, Sofia Vergara. She is a star in the Latin markets but sadly, all we know her for in the US is her supporting role on Desperate Housewives, a show I nor any other ninjas ever watch.


Today’s winner is Gina Carano, female MMA Fighter for EliteXC, American Gladiator, and hottie that could kick the living shit out of most everyone reading this. Check out her fighting LIVE on October 4 as she takes on Kelly Kobalt in prime time on CBS.


Today’s winner is Sarah Mutch, the newest GUESS girl. I’m truly speechless. wow.


Today’s winner is Rachel McAdams – from “Mean Girls,” “The Hot Chick,” and “Notebook.” She’s such a hottie. I think it’s the smile and the cute dimples. Gets me every time.




Today’s Slipper of the Day… Do I even have to tell you who she is?


Today’s Slipper of the Day is Julliane Hough of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. Her dancing (and dresses) make it alright for grown men to watch that show. And did you know that this 20 yr. old says that she plans on staying a virgin until marriage?! …She broke off her last engagement last year. Unlucky bastard…


For more on dating, sports, fights, and life – check out the rest of DNC Worldwide.

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